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Income Taxes

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I am shouting Hallejuah because I am finally finished with this job except for mailing it. Does anyone else get stressed trying to get everything together and get the taxes filed?
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My parents take mine in for me - I just have to get everything together and they take them in for me (its cheaper that way!)

I love taxes - especially when I get $$$ back!
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I don't get stressed, but lets say I won't be mailing mine till the 14th of April although they have been done for awhile, I don't want them drawing intrest on my money
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I get stressed BIG TIME! And all the bookwork leading up to completing the taxes takes me forever, because I don't keep my records up during the year. Besides, my taxes have been as much as 28 pages long! Last year they were ONLY 18 pages long, though. I HATE DOING TAXES! And that is why I'm on this board now - I'm procrastinating about working on them again!
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Taxes suck! Especially as this was the 1st time I ever had to pay. Oh well - at least hubby got money back!
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I've been done with my taxes for the past month. The IRS has already cash my federal payment, BUT I'm still waiting on my state return.

Also thanks to those Tax programs, I'm not as stressed anymore!
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We used Turbo tax this yr I don't think it took Neil any less time though!!
He said there was another form to complete but that won't take too long but I think he will have to print some stuff over. Ours are complicated-next year with my business they will become a bit more so-but we should have more deductions!!
We will not be mailing ours in much before the 15th either!!
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It seems to affect most of us the same way. My husband is a minister and so there is much stuff to keep up with. He told me if anything ever happens to me, he will never pay taxes again, or either he will stop preaching, cause he just can't do the paperwork. I used Tax Act and that helped me alot. Up until last year we paid a CPA, but I had to go over it and keep going back to them with stuff they didn't do. I got tired of it and decided to save the money and do it myself since I was doing all the legwork anyway.
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Mine are so easy, just a 1040EZ and in 30 minutes or so I'm done . My goal is to keep the pay-in or refund within $100 either way. I don't like loaning the government to much of my money, of which they earn interest on and then don't give me interest in their refund. I screwed up somehow this year and got WAY to much money back.
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i do mine online at TaxAct. they'll do both federal & state. texas doesn't have a state income tax, tho. worked on them for a few days in february, & got the refund check in march - deposited directly into my account. total cost was $9.95 for federal only.
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