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Ear problems

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I have an 11 month old kitten and she seems to have something wrong with her left ear.
She has been holding it down and doesn't like it touched. She has also been scratching it and shaking her head a lot. Any ideas on what the problem could be?
She recently had a pyometra spay and has been taking Amoxicillin drops until a couple days ago. Could this have an effect on her ears? She put up a real fight giving when I was giving her the Amoxi-drops and would jerk her head while the dropper was in her mouth.
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Have you looked inside her ears?
If there is black gunk in htere it could be ear mites.
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She did have ear mites when I first found her. (she was two weeks old at the time) She was treated for them and they cleared up.
Her left ear does have more wax in it than her right ear but it doesn't look as bad as it did when she had the mites.
She's an indoor only cat. Is it possible she could have gotten them again inside the house? I did find a small bug around the edge of her her it was big enough for me to tell it was an insect but it was a redish brown or orange in color.
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Sorry for the typical answer, but I suggest a trip to the vet. I don't think any ear thing will clear up on its own.

If the ear mite eggs were not killed off, the mites could have come back. She also might have an ear infection. My kitten just got over that, but not before he lost his eardrum. Please have her checked out.
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Get to the vet ....
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I have discovered that ear mites are nearly impossible to get rid of. She got milbemite, and after that was in there a few weeks I started cleaning her ears out (just the parts I can see, not sticking anything down there). She still has a very minor infestation, but it doesn't seem to be annoying her and the last time she was at the vet he said it was nothing to worry about.
But she didn't seem like her ear hurt at all with the ear mites. Ear mites seem to be a minor annoyance to the cat so long as they don't get out of control. Your kitty sounds like her ear hurts alot, which would suggest more than simple ear mites to me. I second the office call.
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Thanks everyone! She have a appointment at the vets this afternoon. I'll let you all know how it goes.
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The doctor thinks she has ear mites but her ears are very sore so he is treating that first.He wants me to bring her back next week so he can clean them and find out what's going on.
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