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Whats wrong wit my 2 male cats???

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Hi all,

Hope u can giv some advice abt my 2 male cats. This problem really makes me worry all the time. Defi, one year n Valentine, 6 months cant get along wit each other. Dun know why but I think its more on Defi side n its getting worst each day. B4 this, Defi didnt show any harm sign towards Valentine since I brought Valentine 4 months ago. But lately, Defi bcame so fierce 2 Valentine. I just brought Valentine 2 the vet due his eye. I thought its just a normal case. Then the vet show there is a bleeding in his eye, a scratch. I admit that Defi quite rough when playing wit Valentine but I thought its normal but then lately, its bcame like a fight. He tried 2 bite Valentine. Defi will find a way 2 bite or 2 hurt Valentine when Im not around. I never hit my cats b4 but this time, I cant stand it anymore when I see Defi bcame so . I hav 2 giv him a lesson. Im not hitting him but Defi is one kinda of special cat, hes afraid of things that black in color. Whatever things. So I just act like wanna hit him wit a black shirt. But usually he will get away cos he will ran n hide when he saw me open my drawer 2 take out the black shirt. So, I just grounded him in cage. N now, Valentine is not as playful as b4. Every nite, he will sleep wit me n my hubby. He dun wanna 2 b near wit Defi when Im not around. He looks so depressed. N my most anxiety, hes losing weight compare 2 kitten age 6 months, he looks small. N he alwis sleep. Whenever I want 2 play wit Valentine, Defi wont let me. He will sit on my lap n stare Valentine. I luv both of them but I hav 2 giv more attention 2 Valentine bcos he is still kitten. What should I do, guys?
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I am definitely no expert, but from what I have read on this site, it appears to be a territory issue. I think you need to re-introduce them. There are plenty of previous threads that you can read for advise on how to re-introduce them.

Also, cats do not respond to punishment so you need to find a plan to modify behavior with nothing but positive reinforcement (like re-introducing).

Again, I am not an expert. One of the many expert members will give you more definite advise.

Good luck!
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Are both of your boys neutered? If not, this could be the problem. Un-neutered males are extremely territorial by nature and it could be that your older boy sees the younger one as a threat to his territory. Neutering both will help stop this behavior.

If both of your boys are already neutered then you may need to reintroduce them - here is a good article which gives you a lot of helpful advice:


And here is another good article on Discipline and Cats:

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2 of them not yet neutered but I hav the plan to do so next month. Mayb that is the reason why do Defi bhave like that. But sometimes, it really makes me n of cos I never punished or caged him b4. Now, I hav 2. I cant help it. My maid saying that when Im in the office, Defi will alwis trying 2 Valentine. Valentine will n wont eat until Defi Then he will come out from his hiding. Defi is a very calm cat b4 but now hes change. Since age 3 month I bought him from a petstore, every nite he sleep wit me. I pampered him more than I pampered my hubby. Everytime when Im away frm home 4 outstation, my maid always call me n asked me 2 come home early. Defi wont eat n he act like he sick. He pee everywhere, on sofas, at the curtain, n sometimes he poo in my living hall. But when Im coming home, he will bhave nicely in front of me. He will go 2 his litter box 2 poo or pee. After reading the articles, mayb I hav 2 reintroduce them back but 1stly, get them neutered, of cos both of them.
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Oh yes, I would say that neutering will most certainly be a large step forward in correcting this behavior. If you can get an appointment sooner, try for it because if he is pee'ing everywhere, the urine smell of an intact male cat is absolutely impossible to get out!

Don't be concerned if after you neuter them the behavior doesn't change right away. Just keep them separate (in different rooms if you can) and reintroduce them about a month or so after they have been neutered.
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And after they're neutered, try Feliway. The plug-in diffusers are very handy and a lot of people have been helped by Feliway a lot.
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Sorry, what is Feliway actually?
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Do u any of u know how 2 gain weight 4 kitty? My Valentine is getting thin due of Defi behaviour. He looks so depressed. He dun want 2 play like b4. He ate a little only. I need 2 pump him. Hes getting skinny.
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Can you keep them in separate rooms until they see the vet - each with his own box, water, toys and your attention?
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I tried b4 but both of them will meow until our neighbour can hear from their house. Most of them are Chinese that dun like cats. They prefer dogs than cats. But I will try again. I need 2 do something but what am I suppose 2 do to abt Valentines problem. Looking at Valentines makes me Makes me regret taking him away from his ex-owner cos I promise 2 take good care of him but I failed. At 1st place, he seems so happy but now, everything change. I blame myself. Im not a good owner.
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