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Help please

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I have a 5 month old bengal kitten.

i love him dearly, but he has a horrible habit I dont
know how to break. He suckles on my earlobes. It seemed like he wasn't weaned properly, but when I contacted the breeder theysaid that his sister does not have this problem.

now while it is very cute, he is extremely persistent. Going from one ear to the other, not letting me sleep. I've tried covering my ears with my hands, pillows, blankets, nothing works. he finds a way to get to them. he's sneaky climbs, pulls hands away, sneaks under and over....

can anyone offer some advice on how to break him of this habit?

he's already 6 lbs and isn't even 6 months yet
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My Rambo had a habit of doing that to my neck when he was younger (well...he still does suckle actually). I started to try and get my t-shirt between him and my skin when he was suckling and then over time i was able to move the t-shirt farther from me, and he would still go to it to suckle. It took a little bit of persistance but now Rambo gets his own t-shirt on the bed and i put him on that when he starts to suckle (and stay close by, petting and talking to him). Maybe that will work for you.
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I'd say before you go to bed rub some lemon juice, or something else that tastes bad on your ears. I know that sounds kind of gross but it can become an obsessive behavior. I had a problem with my girl biting my nose for a while. I finally realized if I blew in her face right before she bit, she would back off. In less than a month the habit was broken and she has never done it since. As cats are habitual sometimes it takes an extra push to get them to realize its an unwanted behavior that won't be allowed.
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Our 7 yr old Boogie did the same thing to my daughter and still does! But now she asks befoe she tries it! It's so cute watching her gently tap my dau. on the neck asking for bottle!! Anyway...I can tell you what my dau. did to get this habit slowed down...she would grab a stuffed animal and whenever Boogie started nuzzling,she'd give her the teddy bear,not a fuzzy one,but one made of terry cloth. She kept it under her pillow so it was always handy!
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thanks for all the advice.

all the vet said when I asked was that just means he loves you.
and as much as i love him, i need to sleep occasionally, too.

speak of the devil, here he comes
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