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ARGH! (vent)

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What ever happened to customer service?

We recently ordered some patio furniture from a major store (no names mentioned) and it was due to be delivered today. They subcontract their delivery services, so there's two companies involved now to have to deal with.

The delivery company called to schedule the delivery today between 10 and 2, which is fine since I don't work on Tuesdays.

10:30, the driver shows up and says he can't get the boxes out of his truck because they're too heavy and there's too much stuff packed in front of them. Why he didn't just go deliver the other stuff first, I dunno. I call the delivery company, they then say that its not his responsibility to lift heavy things. Apparently all he's responsible for is getting it on the liftgate of the truck and onto the ground. Special.
They then call me back and admit that it was their fault for loading the truck backwards (first deliveries should be on the back end, not all the way at the front) and say he can come back, but this still doesn't solve the problem of where to put it once he gets it off the liftgate. Apparently home delivery doesn't actually mean they'll bring the stuff into your home or, in our case, onto your deck. I rescheduled the delivery for thursday and was going to call people to come help lift the stuff since they couldn't seem to offer anything else.
Then, someone else from the delivery company calls and asks if I think the truck will fit down the alley, if so he can just stick it in the garage and we can deal with moving it later. Garbage trucks fit, so they say their truck will fit, and they send him back out.
He arrives at 1 and I'm hoping this will be the end of it. Oh no turns out he can only find (supposedlu) 3 out of the 7 boxes of stuff that were supposed to be delivered. Special. I take the three boxes, and he puts them in the garage, which means I have to park my car out on the street for now.
Call the delivery company again, they say they think the 4 other boxes might still be on his truck but we'll have no way of knowing until his truck gets back. Or, he might have given our furniture to someone else. Or, it might be on a different truck. Or, it might be in their warehouse somewhere. But they don't really know.

All this time, I had also been trying to talk to the customer service dept of the store I ordered from. I was on hold for close to three hours when I finally got through to someone. She then said she can track the stuff through their system if they can't find it, and can issue me a credit if its lost. I don't want a credit, I just want my @#$^ patio furniture that we paid close to $1000 for.
If they do find it, they'll have to send it back out again another day and I'll have to sit here and wait for them. AGAIN. And we'll have to put it in the garage again. And they'll probably load the truck "backwards" again.

I could spit nails right now, I'll tell you. If I screwed up at my job as bad as this delivery company has screwed up so far, I'd be unemployed faster than the blink of an eye.

Not to mention, everyone at the delivery company has made it seem like they haven't done anything wrong and that its up to me to figure all this out. Not to mention being put on hold about a million times.

Okay, I'm done now, I swear!
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I don't blame you for being mad - I'd be the same way! I don't know what happened to customer service, but lately - I've delt with the same thing you have been!

I was on hold for about 45 min the other day trying to get thru to a real person regarding my new computer I JUST bought and paid close to $2,000 for, not some recording telling me to press 1 to speak to a rep, and then when I do - I get another recording saying that they are all busy - putting me on hold for 45 minutes when it only took about 10 seconds to talk to the people anyways!

I really think automated systems should be gone and we should be able to talk to real people! But in your case, its not like they knew anything anyways!

They should take responibility - and why would they NOT know where your furniature is? You spent good money within their company, and you should get outstanding customer service and HOME DELIEVERY!!

Good luck with this, I hope you get your stuff!
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write them a big letter complaining how poor their service is, but to their BOSS
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Boy, you've had a rough day....... I thought those type things only happened to me! Hang in there and I would write a letter after you get your furniture if I were you!
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Well, finally heard back from the delivery company. According to their computers the remaining furniture is still in their warehouse and just never got loaded on the truck this AM. The girl I've been speaking with left a note for the overnight delivery guys to physically find it in the warehouse, and she'll call me tomorrow morning to confirm that it is in fact all there and to reschedule delivery of the remaining furniture for thursday AM.

The store I ordered it from already knows how displeased I am with the company they subcontracted to deliver the stuff. Once I have eitehr all my furniture or a refund I am writing to both companies. I'm also going to request a refund of delivery costs from the store I ordered it from since they refused to bring the stuff any further than my garage.

If anyone wants to know the name of either companies for future reference to AVOID them, PM me and I'll tell you.

Here's to hoping the rest of my furniture (about $600 worth!) shows up Thursday without a hitch. My neighbor was in his yard when they brought the stuff today and has offered to help us drag the stuff from the garage to the deck once its all here and to help us drag our old furniture out to the alley where I'm sure it'll be snatched up.

I have class tonight, and then I'm coming home and having a LARGE glass of red wine.
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I know when I worked at my prior job and we were expecting deliveries stuff was always ordered with "inside delivery". I think its an unknown option but otherwise the delivery people usually just have to bring it to your property.
Go to this website for problems with companies www.gethuman.com. I wrote about this last week-great site!!!
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I hate waiting for deliveries! When we were waiting for the new baby's crib we were also given a window of time and they called and confirmed 2 days before that it would be delivered. My hubby waited all day - nothing - not even a phone call. Finally we call the store it was ordered from (my parents ordered it for us - it was our Christmas present). They wouldn't give us any details because we weren't the ones who ordered it (it has being sent to us). Finally spoke with someone after hours of trying who told us - oh, I'm sorry, it isn't even in the warehouse yet! How the heck can they call 2 days previously and say it is ready and set up a time even if it isn't in the warehouse yet!!!! It took 3 more weeks before we actually recieved and then they only stuck it in the front door - we had to carry it upstairs!

I hate deliveries!
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