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Dripping Eyes and Darker Hair

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well i foudn a stray cat, Rahjah i named her. i lvoe her to death and she's really smart, she'll come when i call her from outside or inside and she ''talks'' to me. i belive she is a siamese mix. i've done some research on the breed after takign Rahjah in. well when i got Rahjah she was pregant. she had one kitten and it was okay. she managed to slip out of my back door and get pregnat again after her first kitten was weaned and she had a second litter and everything was fine there too accept for a swollen eyes on one kitten but that ended up beign fine too. well Rajah's eyes ahve been drippign with a gross redish brown crust gunk since i've had her. i've taken her to a vets but they didn't want to treat her because they didn't want to hurt her litters. now since her litters are weaned i could take her to the vets again but i'm afriad i can't afford it. and not only that sicne her litters Rahjah's hair has turned very very grey when she used to look just like a isamses....any advice?
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It sounds like having the litters so close to together might have been really stresful on her. It sounds like she might need antibiotics to clear up the eye problem though . Can you call the vet and say it hasn't changed since the last time you were there and maybe he can prescribe what he was going to before? Then maybe you can pickup the medication? That might be cheaper, but it sounds like there is something very wrong here. Did she get tested for all the viruses when you first got her?

If the fur is changing color and everything I'd be very concerned. Maybe talk with the vet about payment plans but she should probably be seen.
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Take her to the vet.

Nobody can tell you through the internet what is wrong with Rajah, since we can't do bloodwork or even see her. Coat changes often indicate a serious, chronic problem, unless she got into something outside that dyed her coat, which is unlikely and may have hurt her anyway.
Get her spayed, and keep her indoors for her health and safety, and definitely keep her inside if she isn't spayed yet.
Gross reddish brown gunk seems like blood to me, or else a very serious infection that needs immediate medical care. No matter what is wrong with her, she needs a vet now. If you can't afford it, let someone who can afford it take her.
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One of my cats had a quite severe URI as a very young kitten- terrible breathing problems and a very bad case of conjunctivitis. We always assumed it was a herpes virus. The cat was treated with antibacterial eye drops, and a brief course of antibiotic+steroid eyedrops, neither of which did him any good.

Once everything cleared up his eyes still tended to accumulate that reddish discharge- it is clear when it runs but dries to the red brown color. My veterinarian said that it was a remnant of the original herpes problem and would flare up when the cat was stressed.

Over time it got a tad better but never resolved the way I thought it should. I found a feline specialist in my area and had him look at it and surprisingly (to me, anyway) he said the same thing. He even went as far as to tell me he had a personal cat of his own who also had this discharge and it was just a matter of becoming habituated to daily or twice daily cleaning.

I am still not satisfied, and plan to have this cats tear ducts drainage capabilities tested the next time I have him in. But at least I know that the reddish goo is nothing to get alarmed about- I just keep it clean and that's that.

I do think your cat should be seen by a veterinarain just so that they can rule out any problems on your cat- my anecdote is just that- an online anecdote. It is always best to have a hands on examination done. But if I were to guess what is going on I would guess that the pregnancies and nursing have stressed your cat so that previously hidden problems have emerged, and herpes is a likely guess.

So I'd have it looked at just to be sure. If it is nothing then you're only out the small office call fee. If it is something more waiting until it gets worse only serves to increase what it will cost you so waiting is not the most economical thing to do.

You'll be having her spayed soon, right? That would be the kindest thing to do.
So while she is in for that make sure they do a complete going over and pay special attention to her eyes. In the meantime keep the area very clean as tearing can irritate the skin something fierce. I use a washcloth and warm water, and if I get to it 2 or 3 times a day you can hardly notice it.
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