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Frontline for Fleas

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Did anyone have success with Frontline? I used it on Sunday for Mollie and she still seems to be itching. I vaccuum just about every other day and brush her everyday with the flea comb...it has been coming clean...is there anything else I might be able to do or try? She is light in color so I should be able to see them....I look but don't find anything..
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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I beleive most on here like atvantage over front line... I personally use a herbal rememdy
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With my kitties and this latest round of fleas, Advantage didn't seem to help. With Frontline, I found that the fleas jumped off the cats and on to me. It did seem to kill most of them after a few days. I just got some more so that I can keep them protected. Fleas, unfortunately, can survive in egg, larval, and pupal form for a long time, so with summer coming, I'm definitely keeping them on flea treatment. My kitties are indoor only, so either I brought the fleas, or they picked them up at the one of the vets' offices.
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Frontline Plus has worked wonders for both my cats.
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Just because the fleas are gone doesn't mean that the itching will automatically stop- the existing bites still itch.

Think about a mosquito bite on yourself- it itches long after the mosquito is gone.

Give it time.
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Frontline works for me. One application and it's no fleas for up to 6 months. Itching can mean other things besides fleas. My motto: you don't see them, they're not there. Believe me, my gang gets a thorough check everyday,
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