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Chubby and Slink

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Hi. My name is Susan and I currently live in Kentucky. Before I
introduce my kittys, I wanted to say I am so
glad I have found this site. Everyone is so great
and understanding and all the kitties are
adorable! Some of you have really helped
ease some of my pain from a sad event.
Thank you.

Well, here is the story of my guys. I adopted two
wonderful cats a little over 2 years ago! Their
names are Chubby (Oscar) and Slink (Oliver).
They came from a good family home but
they had to find a new home. The wife seemed to have
developed an allergy, probably to their dander. I guess it was
pretty bad whenever they were in the room. They had to be kept in the basement with few windows where the kids had their playroom, staying down there pretty much all the time after they got older. They were used to being out when younger and I think it really affected them alot. If I go into a room and happen to shut the door they meow and stick their paws under
the door which is what they did at the home by the basement door. I feel so bad so I try to never shut myself in a different room by accident. My apartment is small so not a big problem. They are always at the door when I come home and always for some reason when I get out of the shower waiting
for attention!!!

The family did not want to keep them in the basement but they could not find a good home for them and did not want to take them to a shelter.Their official names were Oscar and Oliver when I got them, about 5-6 years old. I think they know their nicknames better, Chubby and
Slink. Chubby is obviously a little chubby, although he is a big cat as well-I think he weighed in at 17 lbs his last vet visit.
Slink is a little smaller and likes to slink around the furniture is his own special little way and he seems
SOOO slinky! That nickname has somehow developed into Little LINK now and Chubby as Chubby Chub. They are my guys. They are also brothers with two
completely different personalities but with a few of the same mannerisms.
They are so sweet and I honestly
think I am the lucky one to have found them. They have given me so much
joy and love. I cannot imagine my life without them. I cannot link any photos
as I am at work, but hopefully I can get some up soon.

I can tell you that one gets his feelings hurt when the other is getting attention so I have to try to pet them at the same time! Slink talks alot and he is my crazy, silly guy. He likes to run fast sometimes in the apartment
and he likes to hog the shoestrings that I will play with sometimes with them.
He bats both of them at the same time while Chubby has to try to get his turn to play. He likes to curl up by me at night or partly
on top of me, likes to lick the beads of water off the shower wall and
I have found him sitting in the bathtub sometimes playing around. He
was really shy when he first came but has opened up so much! He
likes to sit on a stool that I have. I can sense when he is on it
and I don't see him in the room and sure enough I go into the bedroom
and he is sitting on it. Chubby likes the bathroom rug and I can
usually find him there if he is not in the room with us. Slink is more outgoing
than Chubby is now too, although Slink will still hide when most company
comes over. He will sometimes be crying in a certain way and I know
exactly what he wants. To go into my closet. I will
find him sitting at the door. He will run when I come over to get out of the way and then come back to go into the closet.

Chubby is a big sweetie and has these really strange drawn out
meows when he wants something or wants me to get out of bed to
feed them inthe morn. He looks at the ceiling alot
whenever he hears a noise. He turns a little unfriendly when he
goes to the vet and hisses at him. He can be very stubborn and sometimes a little bossy. He doesn't like kisses like Slink but he is getting better. He will let me kiss him on the cheek. He does like for me to pick him
up like a baby and hold him on my shoulder. He puts his head on my shoulder
and sometimes burries it on my chest. He literally hugs me with his paws.
They both do that when they are in bed at night.
When he is mad at me he also will try to eat Slink's food but
all I have to do is say his name now in a disapproving tone and he
knows to go to his own bowl. He likes to sleep
and hog my big pillow and I have woken up with a back paw pushed on my face. He likes to curl around my head sometimes which keeps me warm. Slink used to sleep there too but he moves around alot, whenever I move and if it is too much he will jump off the bed and then come back once I have settled back into a position!

Well, I think I have said alot here to read. Sorry so much. It feels really good to talk about
them. They are so special to me!

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your two babies sound wonderful, such character. It's amazing how different 2 siblings can be! Welcome to TCS
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Welcome to the site hon! Don't apologize for telling us all about those babies, we love reading about them and look forward to seeing their pics as well

I read your other post and just wanted to give you a big We are very glad to have you here.

If you need any help finding your way around the forums please send myself, or any other mentor, a private message. We will be more than happy to help in any way we can
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Hi there we're so happy to welcome you, Chubby and Slink to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

Your babies sound absolutely adorable. I can imagine that you feel so lucky to have these two special guys in your life
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Hi welcome to the site.
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
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Hello Susan and welcome to The Cat Site

We are glad you found us

You'll love it here

ps. and you'll be adicted in no time!
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Hello it's nice to meet you!!!

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