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What a day...

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I hope nobody is sick of Shiraz pics yet, here come a few more!

After reinacting a scene from 'when animals attack' or 'when good animals go bad', my precious little angel spent a few minutes in time out while i bandaged myself up.

But then once she was allowed to come back out and play a few minutes later, she was sweet as can be again. After a few minutes of purring and head butting me, she decided it was finally time to get even with the nasty device that captures her picture on the computer. I just wish I had the interval shorter than it was (sorry about the blur and upside down pics ):

Bigger pics here!

She looks pretty proud in that last pic.

Once Content with overcoming the webcam, she proceeded to investigate the 'cave' in the desk (also known as a drawer). Apparently it was rather comfy:

More and bigger pics here!

Once she began further exploring the contents of her new cave, she located the box of packing peanuts that had been stolen from her some weeks ago (mental note, find new hiding spot for packing peanuts):

More and bigger pics here!

Next she managed to grab a roll of electric tape, and make off for her stash spot, unfortunately, the cable on the web cam was a bit short for the ensuing chase.

And after the chase had come to an end, it was apparently time to take a break from the daily trials and tribulations of the life of a kitten:

Bigger pics here!
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i feel like I know her!

And she's gorgeous, reminds me of my Sparky but I'm sure it's that gray tabby thing, they often look kind of alike
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What a great pictorial story! Thanks for sharing.
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Good pictures! How old is she?
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We NEVER get tired of seeing pictures of Shiraz! She is so adorable, and her antics never fail to make me laugh. *sigh* The joys of having a kitten!
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Shes just over 15 weeks.
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What a cutie! And onery too!
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She is so cute!! What a fun age!!
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Cute pictures. She looks so funny investigating everything.
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