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Litter box issure - Do they hold "it"?

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I just got a super duper sweet new cat from the Humane Society two days ago. She's two years old. There's been absolutely no sign of her using her litter box, but also no sign of her going elsewhere in the house. This morning she finally went #2 in her litter box. My question is - do you think she was just not going to the bathroom at all in those first two days and just holding it, or do you fingure I just have yet to find where she really went? Do cats stop going for a little while when brought to a new home? Is this normal?
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Hmm. No. Cats can hold it just like we can, for a few hours, not two days. So she hasn't peed in three days now? Are you absolutely sure there isn't a surprise under a bed somewhere or something? Is she drinking water?
Does she sit in the litterbox and look like she's trying to go and can't? If so, it is an absolute emergency. If you feel her bladder, does it feel swollen?
Since you just got her from the Humane Society so recently, I would take her back for vet care today and see what they say.
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We had a flood in our basement once while we were away. Abby's litterbox is in the basement and she was unable to get to it for a day and half. She held it. I went around the whole house with a blacklight, and she definitely held it. You could practically hear her sigh of relief when we set a new litterbox up for her.

Now of course not urinating is a health concern. If it goes on much longer, I would definitely be calling the vet.

Good Luck and Welcome to TCS !
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Could she have gone in the tub or sink? Some cats do. I think you might want to set up two litter boxes for her, as a lot of cats like separate ones for #1 and #2.
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When I first got one of my cats, he didn't go for a full 24 hours - nothing! And he was only 5 months old. Two days is a bit long. She'll probably be going very soon.
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When we first brought Autumn home we were in a bit of a car accident (we were a bystander when a car was redirected into us). Anyway poor girl was scared in the car for a couple hours it took to get the intersection cleared of cars, and there was a car up under our bumper. Anyway she must have had to really go. We got home and I took the litter box out of the bag adn before I got litter into it she jumped in and peed! She was an outdoor cat but she knew what that box was for!!! But what was scary was there was blood in her urine. We took her to the vet the next day and the vet said if they hold it they can get blood just like dogs. I didnt' know that and she was fine.

Sorry thats not really related to what you are asked but thought I'd share .
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If you have plants it's possible she's peeing in there
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Thanks for all of your help. I will certainly be checking my plants because my husband said she hangs out up by them. Also, I came home from work today to find that she used her litter box several times. THANK GOODNESS!! I was getting worried. So it looks like she held it for a day and a half, provided I don't find evidence elsewhere=). This is a nice forum. I've never had my questions answered so fast.
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Glad to hear things are back to normal.
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