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Hello all !

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I'm new here. I joined this site because I see my friend on it all the time and I came to check it out. I used to have a cat named peanut. My ex bought her for me as a gift but she had to stay at his place because my parents (even though I'm 21) wouldn't let me keep her at my house. When we broke up, he kept her (even though he never weanted her and didn't care for her very well) and wouldn't let me have her. So, sadly enough, I haven't seen her since last september, but I still have pictures of her as a kitten when we got her to remind me of her and to make me smile.

I am looking forward to getting another kitten in the near future when I move in with my new boyfriend, (well, not new, but not the same one lol) even though he's allergic. I'm hoping to convince him that taking allegra every day for his allergies wouldn't be such a bad thing lol
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Welcome Peanut!! I'm sorry to hear about your poor kitty. Sometimes animals are the best things that come out of relationships.:tounge2:

I look forward to reading your posts and maybe we'll hear of you getting a new kitten soon?
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Welcome to the site! That's really too bad that you didn't even get "visitation" for Peanut. Hopefully you can convince your new boyfriend that having a little fuzzball would be a good thing!

There are a lot of us with allergies to cats here, and we make our sacrifices with meds, etc. The special love that only a kitty can give is worth every bit of it!!!

There is a thread in the breeder's forum about cat allergies, what breeds are better than others, and what people do here to control the allergies. Here's a link... Alleric to cats

Hope to see you posting often!
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Welcome Peanut! I see you have finally joined. Good luck getting Tim to let you have a kitty. I hope to see you posting often, like me.
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Hi, Peanut! I like that nickname! It's very sad to lose a pet. I'm so sorry. Welcome to the Cat Site. I'm sure you'll like it here.
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Welcome to the site Peanut!! I see you already know Sarah..... never mind... :LOL: JOKE!!! (Sarahs got 839 posts already - and shes only been here three days!! hahaha... not really... )
Seriously though, this place is great -Im sure you'll make tons of friends, lots of good people here
Hope to see you posting often!!
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