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I got a PROMOTION!!!

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I just had to share my news, yesterday my boss called me into his office to offer me a PROMOTION!!! I was pleasantly surprised I must say. I start my new position at the end of April. I was getting soooooooo bored with the position I'm in now (Administrative Assistant/Forms Development), there was nothing stimulating me anymore, I was seriously considering a new job but now I think I'll wait and see how my new position works out before making any job changes. I'll be making more money too, which is ALWAYS good!

Could I get some "Good Luck on my new job" vibes! I'm always mega nervous when I start a new job and/or position.
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That is fabulous news! It is always a little nerve wracking to start a new position, but at least it is with a company and people you know. It alos goes to show that they appreciate the work that you do!
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Wow! CONGRATULATIONS! And plenty of good promotion vibes going your way!

This seems to be a positive day here on TCS!
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Congratulations! Excellent news.
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That is GREAT news!! Everyone has a ton of good news today! Good luck in your new position!! You will do well I am sure!!
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That's fantastic!! YEA!!!!
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Congrats and tons of good luck with the new position. I hope it's just what you need so you don't have to change jobs!

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Enjoy your new job and the extra $$$$!!
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CONGRATULATIONS! How about a banana happy dance to celebrate?
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You guys are the best!!
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Congratulations! Thats such great news, I hope you enjoy the promotion, and the raise in pay too!
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Congratulations!!! and good luck with your job
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Congratulations! That's awesome news.
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Excellent! Congratulations on the promotion!
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