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She's a pillow hog!

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Thought anyone who's followed Claire's story would appreciate this.
Her former owner, who died last fall, told me of his ongoing battle with Claire over the pillows on "their" bed. Claire would start out sleeping on the pillow he wasn't using, than gradually move over to his and spread herself out over both pillows for optimum comfort. So, he was left with just a little space! Well, in the past fews days she's finally feeling comfortable enough to pull the same thing with me and, of course, I give in just like he did!
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You are such a sucker for a furry face. (Especially if it's George Clooney's?)
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That is great that she is comfortable enough to do that - too bad for you, but great for her!
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Well, it appears the bed is now Claire's favorite snuggle spot. Besides the pictures I took over the weekend, I stopped at home over my lunch hour and found her all snuggled in the blankets again. That's what I get for not making the bed!
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If you made the bed she would just have to unmake it!
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You can't complain, can you? It's so great to hear that she is doing so well. If I am remembering right, Claire is Peter's brother?

Hope you get many more sleepless night as Claire kicks you off your pillow!
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Aww it's good to hear that Claire is so settled in with you now.
And I didn't know humans had the option of not sharing their pillows!
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Now that she's feeling comfortable enough to take over the pillows, I'm hoping the next step will be to sit next to me or even on my lap. Her dad told me they use to "fight" over his favorite chair too - and Claire always won!
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Zissou doesn't like pillows, I think theyre too soft for her, but she loves to sleep in the middle of the bed. She curls up right under the pillows, in the middle, exactly where a person's torso would be if they were on the bed. Trouble is, I like sleeping in my bed too, and she'll scootch over maybe two inches. I end up in all sorts of contortions.

Thats great though that she is finally feeling moved in and settled!! I'm sure she'll decide to use your lap as her own space heater any day now.
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