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Two boys, two girls or one boy and one girl?

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How do cats get along with same sex or opposite sex flatmates?
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As long as everyone is spayed/neutered it won't make much of a difference.
I am totally sold on the boys, though- I have three.
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Everyone will most definitely be spayed/neutered but I'm still really not comfortable with early spaying/neutering so would rather wait till they grow into full adulthood.

Obviously if they are of opposite sex at least one will have to be spayed/neutered early.
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In my experience (after everyone is spayed/neutered) boys tend to be closer then girls. Most of my girls were more independent and accepted the boys far more then another female.
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I have 2 boys and a girl and one of the boys si super affectionate and the girl is super affectionate, and the other boy is distant.
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I have one of each. I got the girl first, and then added younger and of the opposite sex. It seemed to work out. My boy is so laid back about everything that nothing bothers him. If i got a third...(and had a choice), i would probably add another boy. But each cat has it's own personality so it would definitely depend on the cat.
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I've heard males get along the best. Next best is male/female. And last is female/female. I have 3 females and though they get along...they can get pissy at each other pretty quick too.
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When I was in texas i had salem and isis (brother and sister) they got along fine then ailey adopted me. salem and ailey are soulmates lol i think sometimes they love each other more than they love me haha but ailey and isis hated each other they wouldn't even stay in the same room together. my guess is that ailey was the dom female as a stray and since isis was the dom female (being the oldest) at home they just werent meant to be together.
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I have 4 girls who couldn't care less about each other most of the time, unless there is a threat-strange cat at the window, dog visiting (especially small dog ) then it's all for one and one for all, or a trip to the vet (can't tell where one cat starts and the other stops in the big carrier-best friends )
I had a boy and a girl littermates who loved each other when they were kittens, but then he played too rough for my girl, and she wouldn't even let him wash her head after a while, no matter how sweet he tried to be. I think it just depends on the cats, and who can tell for sure when they're so little or before they have time to sort it out!?! Unless someone else knows the answer to that question,(if you do, please tell!) I'd just get kittens/cats who are really close in age and size, with personalities you like, and go for it.
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well, i got Pixel & Mouse as babies, littermates, both females - got along great. Cable took a while to settle in, but she & Pixel snuggle a lot now - again, both females. Java [another female] doesn't really snuggle with anyone, not even me, but it doesn't seem to bother her. Chip is currently snuggling only with me, but he's only been here for about 2 weeks, so the resident cats haven't really warmed up to him yet [1st male cat]. but he loves to sit on my lap!
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Over the years I have found that boys in general are accepting of new additions and tend to be more affectionate and get along better together.
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I think they will get along with the same sex better than opposite. either two boys, ortwo girls,. the boys are too rough for the girls and eventually the girl hates the boy.
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That's what happened to us. Even with 4 cats, it is pretty tame around here (cat wise, anyways-a new 50 lb puppy always stirs things up! )
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I have three boys and a girl. Zakk was first, and then we added Rocky. They get along, but they have frequent wrestling matches that Rocky starts, and Zakk usually ends up looking annoyed. I then added Cookie and Suzie who are littermates. Rocky gets along great with them, Zakk pretty much ignores them. Rocky occ will wrestle with Cookie, but it's more of a friendly play banter. Suzie usually does her own thing, but she seems to like Rocky- always comes right up to him when he enters the room and rubs up against him. I have to admit I have had better luck with the boys as far as being friendly to humans, but Suzie was formerly a semi-feral kitten, so I can't really judge her in the same category, except next to her own brother.
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Originally Posted by thespring
Everyone will most definitely be spayed/neutered but I'm still really not comfortable with early spaying/neutering so would rather wait till they grow into full adulthood.
If that is how you feel, I would definitely go with 2 same sex cats.

I will tell you though, in my experience, younger cats recover more quickly from the spay surgery than adults. Evidence also shows that females spayed before their first heat are typically healthier.

Also, once male cats become sexually mature (well before adulthood), they may become very aggressive towards each other. And male or female, once they are sexually mature, they will try to escape to mate.

Just giving you my experiences, for what they are worth.

Good luck, please keep us update with pics when you bring home your new additions!
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Realize also that females can become pregnant as young as 5-6 months old. If you get one of each sex then be aware of this. If you don't want to spay/neuter them before they are adults then once they hit 4-5 months you need to keep them completely seperated. If you neuter the male first then he still need to be away from unspayed females for a few weeks or until she is spayed.

I agree with the last poster that it is best to do it earlier, you dont have to go with 8-12 weeks old like I and some others do, but I wouldn't wait past 6 months. Around 6 months+ males will begin to spray all around your house especially if you have 2 males. They will fight. They willagressive, unpleasant cats.

With females, it is healthier and greatly reduces their risk of cancer and other diseases when they are older if they are spayed before they hit their first heat.

Just curious on your reasoning for not wanting to alter them before they reach adulthood? Do you mean a year old? Or just before they reach the 6 month mark which some vets still require?
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Have 9 Cats...3 Girls rest boys...all the girls are "Prissy" and more independent, the boys, laid back and couldn't care if the house caved in, as long as I was there on time to feed them. My girls arn't as cuddly also, My mom has 2 cats, one boy and girl and they get along great...(although her female is also a bit not social..but she also was feral for the first 2 months of her that situation is understood) alot goes into behavior factors, besides sex, the breed, how they were raised..etc...I don't think it makes a difference so long they are spayed/neutered.
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I got a male/female combination as litter mates. I had another male stray for about a year. Of course all had vet checks and were fixed and everyone got along just fine. The boys did develop a much stronger relationship than the female and the new male. The boys were "on" constantly and the girl had her moments but also liked her alone time.
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