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I'm going shopping!

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My Mum is almost here and we are going to make the most of my strike day! woohoo!
I love shopping with my Mum, she picks the nicest things out for me, and sometimes buys them
She's also taking me for lunch! I am a lucky girl!
Anyone else love shopping?
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Sounds like you're going to have a great strike day, Lauren!

Mum's are great with that, aren't they?! I hope you'll make the token gesture by taking your wallet out of your bag though!

Will you be popping into Claire's at all?!
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I love to shop, but hate buying anything that isn't on sale!
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My mother is at the age where she doesnt like to go shopping anymore, although i do prefer her to come with me because she always gives me her honest opinion.
I am sure that as soon as i have kids SHE WILL NOT STOP SHOPPING!
I am going shopping with a friend on saturday though
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I had yesterday off and went shopping. I love shopping. I hope you havea good lunch! Enjoy your strike day!!
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Are you having a laugh?, do i like shopping!.

If it wasn't for the fact that the trains were off i'd be in town now because i want a new raincoat with it getting milder, plus i need to get Gils easter present, but i'll save my retail therapy until saturday.

Hope you buy lots and we need to know what bargains you brought back
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Me? Love shopping? No....

Ok I lied, I am a Shopaholic

I get to go next week, after payday!

Victorias Secret, here I come!
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Well.... I actually only bought one thing!! Ok 2! I got a long cardigan from debenhams. It's gorgeous, it is so me. My Mum says it makes me look like a cool school teacher It was (wait for it...) down from £50 to £15!!!
I also got some candles for the lounge. I just put them on top of the TV and they look lovely. Oh and I ordered some bathroom scaled (digital ones which measure your body fat ) but I have to wait til Saturday to pick them up. We don't have any just now and I think we really need them. I'll try and only weigh myself once a week though or I'll start getting obsessed
We went for lunch and I had a lovely greek salad and a glass of white wine!
Lovely day! unfortunately I have to go to the gym tonight
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I saving up my next shopping trip for when I go to visit my sister in Virginia next week. There is a really cool place in West Virginia close to Virginia that sells items made by West Virginia craftsman and artists!!! I'm sure I will find something there as well as when I visit my sister.
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