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What do you collect?

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Anyone collect anything? I collect bouncy balls..lol I don't even really know why...I just had a whole bunch when I was little and have been adding to them ever since. I think I have somewhere between 130-145 of them now...

What do you collect.....besides kitties?
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I used to collect cat ornaments I have them all in a box at my mums.
Then I collected beer mats, I have over 400, all at my mums. I don't really have room to collect anything now but my DVD collection is pretty huge!
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I collect Pocket Dragons I have for about 20 years (something like that), but it is harder for me to get them out here so I have to buy off the internet.

Unfortunately the Pocket Dragons are retiring this year. So I will just have to stock up....my parents will not know what to buy me for Christmas now as they usually get me the Christmas limited edition.

If you don't know what pocket dragons are check the website www.pocketdragons.com

Love your signature Lauren is it one of Christines ?
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Originally Posted by Pombina
I used to collect cat ornaments I have them all in a box at my mums.
What would we do without Mums, hey?!!

I collect vintage computers, vintage AV equipment, vintage Cameras, rubbish, junk, pieces from car crashes....

I'm an artist, okay! These things will come in handy one day!
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I love and collect rag dolls..........Rigel and Gema sent me a beautiful one all the way from Mexico!
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I collect fantasy books.
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I know this is hard to believe, but...cat figurines.
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I guess I am boring as I really don't collect anything. I do have a lot of craft stuff that will NEVER get used so I guess I collet that stuff!! LOL

Sar: I have some pieces of wrecked car in my front yard! LOL A bent rim, half a hub cap.... wait the whole wrecked car!
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My husband and I collect shot glasses from the places we have been....we have too many to count....we are now starting to collect magnets too
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I also collect shotglasses. I collect matchbooks, and milk bottles from the dairy my father used to work at.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
Sar: I have some pieces of wrecked car in my front yard! LOL A bent rim, half a hub cap.... wait the whole wrecked car!
Oh yeah!

I think those bits might be a bit big! Can you imagine the shipping costs to get it to the UK?!!
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I collect soft toys i have about 180 of them
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When I was younger (teenage or so) my mom thought I should collect something, so she kinda got me started with thimbles... but I think that was more her thing than mine. I pretty much stopped with that, but I do still have the collection.

For myself... I collect antique quilts.
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Star Wars Unleashed Figures, the original line . I also have all the Mpire m&m star wars figures too (they populate my desk at work). But after they stopped both of these lines I said my Star Wars figure collecting days are over, where do you put the stuff?? So now my only real collection is book!! I'm an avid reader .
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I collect watering cans both ouside metal ones and inside ceramic/porcelain ones.
I have cat figurines too.
In the garden I have a collection of about 160 hosta cultivars. I'm running out of good places for them so I am not buying so many and know I've started on dwarf conifers.
I also collect Stephen King books-I just need first editions of Carrie and Salem' Lot!!
I stopped now but I used to collect Star Trek Christmas Ornaments. I don't have the first one though unless I find it for a really good price!!

To bad Sar lives in the UK I have lots of metal pieces for her!!!
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I collect dragons all over my house but then in my kitchen i collect cows but only black and white cows!
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I collect sports memorbilia and beer caps.

Looks like I'll be collecting baby pictures now too.
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I collect Fiestaware. I have a few vintage pieces but most are from the modern run.

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I have several collections, but mostly I have an eclectic collection stuff I like, that has been given to me, or from somewhere I have been. I have a Betty Boop collection, a few Elvis items, a couple figurines of the Harley I had for years, cat stuff, tattoo and music related stuff, concert and tattoo convention posters, and many, many lava lamps. I have a fascination with lamps, but particularly lava lamps. I like to turn all all of the 20+ of them in my living room all at once. I have my stereo speakers on the top of my book cases with a gargoyle on one, and a carved wooden monk on the other. They look really cool lit up by the light from the lava lamps on top of the book cases.
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Reproduction carousel horses and menageries.
Reproduction Notre' Dame gargoyles and grotesques.

Music boxes/snow globes -both spun off from the above collections.
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I collect strange medical books and novelty lighters, although I do not smoke.
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Hmmm .... I collect cat figurines carved from various stones: agate, malachite, tiger's eye etc. I also collect M. Pena figures from Windstone Editions. I have quite a few Breyer horses too. Unfortunatley right now I am also collecting rejection notices!
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Originally Posted by Rockcat
I know this is hard to believe, but...cat figurines.
Lol me too!
I also collect snowglobes, they're so pretty!
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Originally Posted by DRIVEN
I collect sports memorbilia and beer caps.
YOU are so predictable!!
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OK here I go.
1.beer caps
2.shot glasses
3. spider (I know it's kinda odd but I used to be afraid of them but then i started studying them, kinda like therapy and soon I started to collect them)
4. old and rare coins
5. cat pictures and drawings that either me or one of my friends made
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According to DH, everything! I have superballs too. Other than that: rocks, pennies and coins of all sorts (esp foreign ones!), buttons, craft stuff...ok some of thoes are just me being a packrat, but I do love coins and rocks! I have some fossils too. Oh and I dry the roses DH gives me, so that's a collection for me too in a way! I also collect the Mandie mystery series by Lois Gladys Leppard. I've been addicted to them since I was about 10 or 11 and havn't let up yet!
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O.K, here's my list:

Cat figurines

Beanie Babies (NOT too many, just the occassional one that strikes my fancy):

Shot Glasses

Key Chains

Anne Rule (true crime) books
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I collect:

Louis L'Amour books
Penguins (preferably glass, but any will do)
X-Files memorabilia (used to)
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I collect post cards
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Um, dust? I collect lots of cat hair too!

The only partial collection I have is a collection of kewpie doll cake-toppers from the early 1900s. I bought a few of them on ebay and used them to decorate the table our cake was on at the wedding. One pair is even made of celluloid, which is a very soft and malleable early form of plastic.

I want to collect more but I have nowhere to put them and the cats would just knock them over.

Plus, I'd rather collect purses and shoes
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