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I hate kitten mills!

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A friend of mine rescued Olive, a VERY VERY pale color point Persian,who had lived in a bathroom for over a year.

Her tear ducts do not work, she has narrow ear canals and a very sensitive digestive system. LUCKLY her tongue does fit in her mouth, but if she ever gets a stuffy nose..... Her teeth are good, but she does have to have a special plate 'cause of her face being so short.

When she first came here I thought she had almond shaped eyes. Now I find she has wonderful round Persian eyes. Took her almost a year before she would come out of one bedroom and join everyone else and still sometimes she falls back into her insecurities. She is a wonderfull playfull girl who sleeps with me now, UNDER THE COVERS .

Is there anything I can do to keep the gunk from caking on her face?? It circles her eyes and runs down her cheeks (she got raw spots before she would allow me to clean her). I wash her face twice a day (any more and I would have to cage her 'cause she is NOT very happy with it) with a warm cloth and the vet gave me a wash to use so she does not get a fungus there.

ALSO, is there any way to keep her VERY fine hair from matting?? I brush her all the time and have to cut mats of anyway. She is wonderful about being brushed and shaved. Having so many cats, it is easier for me to shave her, but her fur is SOOOO beautiful when grown out.

Any suggestions will help.
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I am not sure what this has to do with kitten mills... Poor cat.
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Is where she came from. Also have rescued Chaussies, Main Coons, Aby's and various crosses from there. Trying really hard to shut it down.
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Originally Posted by Lucinda
Is where she came from. Also have rescued Chaussies, Main Coons, Aby's and various crosses from there. Trying really hard to shut it down.
Ah, okay. It is fairly creepy to me that so many people have no problem whatsoever turning out piles of sick, malnourished creatures for a profit. In my opinion, it shows a basic lack of respect for other living creatures. Most would not do this to another human, so why are non-humans so "inferior" to these people that such treatment is acceptable?

(speaking of byb and irresponsible breeders only, before any crazy assumptions are made)

The world needs more caring, helpful peole.
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A lion cut (once the weather warms up) would help keep the mats down. Bless your heart for rescuing this little angel!

They sell wipes to clean kitty eyes, I've seen them in the store...
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First don't brush a longhair - use a comb - medium tooth and fine tooth for grooming her.

She might be the type that has to be groomed twice a day if she mats easily.

And for the eye stain problem, I've seen the persian people use a Q-tip with a bit of cornstarch powder on the end and "paint" under the eyes to help cover the stain AND keep the oil down so it won't be too bad. Try that.
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I think this particular guy is just a nut bag 'cause Abby rescue and others keep having to go in and take cats from him and the Humane Society has issued him fines and such and he just keeps going. A friend has two of the Abby's and I have also one of the Main Coon/Chausie crosses and one of the Abbys. One of the Abbys has a "herpes" eye but the damage is done so it does not bother her. The Abby I have has a bad scar on her neck from him using a catch pole on her and 'till I had her spay came into heat for a day or two every 2 weeks. OK, enough about "the scum of the earth!"
I do the Lion cut on Olive in the summer. It would just be nice to let her keep her hair. I do brush her 2 to 3 times a day.
Thanx, I will try combing instead of brushing and the cornstarch. I don't care about the stain, just all the crud that gets all over her face is no good for her.
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www.eyeenvy.com she has products to help you
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Thanx Hissy! I will order some.
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