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I just got back from Wal Mart and sitting in front of the door was this dirty, scummy looking family with two kids and two boxes. One full of puppies, one full of kittens! My hubby quickly grabbed my elbow, placed his hand over my eyes and steered me quickly past them! It's not only the animals that need to be sterilized but some people should as well. I did see the kittens were very sickly looking, what a surprise. The pups looked liked rottie pit bulls mix..sigh......glad there is a vent board right now.
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i'll bring the brownies.

i can vent too...my hubby pulled some majorly dumb stuff this week. like not keeping track of his spending. so our car payment is late!!!!!!!!! then he was a total crab the last couple days, like my $4 purchase at the dollar store was the reason we couldn't buy any food. i have been pretty p***d off at him. and there's the usual lazy-man-about-the-house stuff (being a drama queen about cleaning up before making lunch today, like *i* never have to do the dishes).


i'll bring brownies and coronas....and 3 neutered males.
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Mmmmm all this talk about food is making me hungry. I could go for a piece of cheesecake.....**drools**

Hissy, about the scene at wal-mart... That would have made me angry beyond belief. When will people learn? That's almost as bad as advertising free kittens or free dog to good home. It's a magnet for animal abusers and irresponsible owners.
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Well since we are venting here...I have one.....even though we are expecting a baby soon, my hubby thought it would be a good idea to buy my stepson who is 11, a 2,000 dollar dirt bike!!! Then he has the NERVE to complain about all the money I am spending on the baby stuff!!!!!
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Oh Debby that sucks! Sorry but it does. You know what they say about men and their toys.....guess he wants his "little man" to start out early collecting those. That money could go a long way in the upcoming expenses you both will be facing soon. Sometimes, I believe men don't think about the consequences of their actions.
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Ugh! That's another thing Brian wants to buy, a dirt bike. How about saving your money hmm? He acts like he never gets anything he wants and any free time he has he spends it playing computer games. So if I ask him to do something that cuts into computer time it's awful!!

He never wants to do anything. Never wants to go out or do anything recreational and is fine with us sitting back to back on each other's computers. I get so jealous listening to friends talk about what they did with their husbands and such and how much fun they had. **sighs** I wanted a homebody but not a computerbody....
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Men definitely don't think about the consequences of their actions. They remain little boys forever. And I thought that was just a phase.

I really can't complain about money and my S/O. Most of the time, he hands over whatever he makes, and I deal with the bills, etc. Every once in a while he loans money to a friend, and it's usually when we could use it, too. His friends always pay him back, but that is not the point.

Did you ever wonder if a man can use a phone? Sometimes Dan goes out after work, and ends up at a friend's house. I wake up at 3 am, wondering where he is. Does he call? Of course not. Well he does now, most of the time, but it took years of training for him to do this.

I think men have a different time frame than women, too. Did you ever hear these words: I'll be right back. It's like the kiss of death. As soon as I hear that, I know it will be at least 2 hours before I see him, usually 4 or more.
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Jessica - you have one of those computer geeks too? (Not that they are really geeks, just computer addicts!) Bren - I get the same time frame, only he's just in the other room on the computer. At least I know where he is, I guess. I ask him when he's coming to bed at like 10:30. "Couple minutes. I'm really tired!" Then 2:30 or so rolls around and he's still on the computer. Sometimes it's IRC chat, sometimes games, but always the computer!

Didn't you girls know??? There are no consequences! Spend all they want, we will take care of the bills and all that.

A friend of mine told me this one time...Do you know why women have big hips and larger derriers? Because men expect us to pull everything out of our butts!

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I had to get in on the venting too. My soon to be ex, god is he a s**thead, he thinks that women should do everything. He sat on his big butt (298 pounds of it) and watched me do everything and then when I started complaining about, boy did I hear it. Well, he has finally moved out and I still hear it no matter what. He doesn't stop screaming at me. Even though I am not with him. Yesterday My girls bedroom ceiling caved in literally. Thank God they weren't in there.
Do you think he could do something, no of course not, he takes a cab here and then b****es about it, through cleaning it up. He shouldn't be working for the landlord, then he wouldn't have had to be here. Then not to mention he starts about my cat and their babies because one of them had just done his duty and I was more worried about getting the ceiling cleaned up than take a duty out of the litter box. Oh well, to bad so sad. Anyway when we were together all I heard is how he wanted this and that and the other. When I said we don't have it boy did world war III start over and over again. Men are just that men and they all became little babies when they want something and you pay hell when they don't get it.

I will bring the flat Dr. Pepper, don't drink sorry, Gastroplasty won't let me 132 Pounds and counting.
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This isn't about men, but I am just curious...Shaleela, what is Gastroplasty? I have heard the word, but not sure what it means.
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The surgeon basically creates a small pouch in the upper stomach and bands the opening to a narrow margin. This creates a "new stomach" that needs only a little food to make you feel full. You eat seveal times a day, but really tiny amounts.
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Now I know what sheleela is talking about. I've only heard it being called "stapling your stomach". I don't know much about it but I've heard horror stories like once you have it done you can't eat anymore than a small hamburger because you're stomach is the size of a golfball..... But then again that's hearsay so we all know what that means..........

You're supposed to eat several small meals a day anyhow. I guess it's healthier for your digestive system and it speeds up your metabolizism. I try to eat every 2 hours after I had several articles about that and I lost 25 pounds!! I wish more people were aware of that rather than starving themselves. I used to not eat breakfest or lunch and then eat dinner and would feel guilty if I ate something "naughty". I lost 15 pounds that way but then gained it right back.

Maybe I should bring a veggie plater so there's a healthy choice here..... Anyone for some vegtables and dip??
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Thanks Hissy!! I thought maybe that's what it was, but wasn't sure. I saw a show on the health channel about two women who had that done..and it worked really well for them...
Shaleela....you have lost 132 lbs already?? WAY TO GO!!! That is GREAT!!!
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It is the same surgery Carnie Wilson had - it is different from stomach stapling. She lost over 100 pounds and looks great!
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Yes, I have and I feel great I posted a picture with some of my kitties the other day and If I had the nerve I would post the one from 2000 when I had it done but It is disgusting. I am so disgusted by the way I used to look but am much happier with myself now. I have also heard the horror stories and it is not as bad as it is made out to be believe me. I was 392 pounds and now down to 259 so I feel great really, I am trying for another few pounds anyway.
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I think that is great!!!!! You deserve a big hug!! That is awesome that you have lost so much weight!!!
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thank you so much, I am working really hard at it. I have a treadmill that I use twice a day for about 5 to 10 minutes each time. Depending on what my knee will take, I have a anterior cruciate ligament that is severed in my right knee. It is the main ligaments that cross + in the knee, you knee them to prevent you from falling and I only have the one that makes the - the other part of the cross is severed, so I do what my knee allows and then I also walk and take care of the cats. I can eat about 2 tablespoons at a time that is it, and I don't drink at the same time cause it will make me throw up, I found that out the hard way, I was so thirsty one day and I had to have a drink and it came up faster than it went down. I love taking care of the cats though, they make the time go by so fast. Today we took all the kittens that are old enough outside for some fresh air and right now I have the door wide open for them, while they are in their cages so that they can get some fresh air. I am afraid to let them all out cause they will run away, but I am thinking about taking my kennel and putting a top on it and letting them out in there, they would love it. That is an idea I think I will do that tomorrow. That way they can run around and get all the fresh air they need.
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Yea!! Congradulations Shaleela!! I'm so glad you feel better not only physically but mentally. Big pat on the back for you!!
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thanks again all of you.
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