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I'm sorry but I need to vent

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What a day today has been. First I check my e-mail this morning and recieve an e-mail from this joke list I belong to saying that they were infected with a virus and if you opened the last file they sent out you should scan your computer. I didn't open it but I decided to check anyway since I hadn't checked for viruses since I bought this computer in Feb. So there it was.... The infected file. That didn't help my day so I'm worried that someone could have gotten my cc number since I order online sometimes.

Then the stupid electrolyte machine went haywire at work so me and the other tech spent like 2 hours trying to figure it out. Then while we were busy doing that this cat freaks out in the surgrey room and tears a bunch of holes in the heating pad. The heating pad is a rubber mat that fills with warm water to keep the animal's body temp up during surgery. The reason it made me so mad was because the other techs SHOULD have known not to put the mat on the table untill the cat was sedated.... I've told them a million times.

Then I was able to break away for a quick lunch and get home to find 2 UPS boxes on the steps. I had ordered Brian a watch from fossil.com for our anniversary and when I ordered it they sent me 2 conformation e-mails so I called them and told them I only wanted one watch. The rep I talked to was very nice and told me she took care of it. I guess she didn't. I called the company and told them I recieved 2 watches and had been told it was taken care of. The rep I talked to today told me to send the 2nd watch back and they will credit my account. Then I asked "So I'm going to have to pay to send back the watch that was sent out because of your mistake?"

She got really flustered and told me to send the receipt to her manger and then said no then told me to hold on so I said forget it, I'll pay the 5 bucks just to avoid the aggravation.

So while I was home on my lunch break I asked Brian if he could load the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and change the trash bag..... Ok I will he said. And no he didn't.

So after I get off of an EXTREMELY busy afternoon at work I come home to find Brian and his friend and 2 other people on the deck I didn't know staring at me as I got out of my car. I can't stand meeting new people as it is never mind when I just get off of work. And I cannot stand his one friend who was there. I think it's because Brian told me this guy hit a cat with his car and thought it was funny!!!!!!!

It did not make my evening to see him. So I stormed in the house and didn't say hi to anyone. They probably think I'm a ****h but I don't care. The one thing that helped was that Brian said he was going to go ride bikes with his friend so I said good goodbye! I really didn't feel like making dinner for him(or myself for that matter).

Now my dog started vommiting EVERYWHERE and the cats all huddled around it to see what it was. So between running after her with a towel I had to shoo away the cats. Ugh!!

Sorry to rant but I feel so much better now.
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I've had a crappy couple of days too. Let's just say, I'll have to come up with a few hundred dollars for a repair bill, I found out I might have to get my tonsils out, my visitor cat (cat sitting) is tearing things up in my apt (hope he's not giving ideas to my kitty)...oh yeah, and I keep having to separate the playing kitties when they move into crocodile 'death rolls'. They're still not too sure of each other so I think that what starts out as play becomes one cat's thought of, "Hey, that hurt...now I must kill you."

Here's to a better weekend for us all .
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Just wanted to say hope things go better tomorrow!! Chin up!
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Well, since we are venting....

I only have one thing to vent about, really - my husband. Apparently he seems to think that money grows on trees. We are really tight financially right now. Long story short, we were going to have some extra money this pay period. Not a ton, but enough to really stock up on groceries, get some second hand business clothes for me for work, and maybe even have a nice evening out. Well, he decided a while ago to put himself on a waiting list for a Gamecube. They called last night and said they have a used one. I told him that this wasn't really a good time to get one - that means no. He kept whining until he got what he wanted, and we spent $100 on another stupid game console that he will play with for a few days and then go back to the computer.

It's not really what we got - it's the fact that I said no, we shouldn't get it and he wouldn't let it go. He knew I was tired and hadn't slept well in 3 days. He always takes advantage of me when I don't have the energy to fight with him. So now we are back to barely having enough for groceries for the next two weeks, let alone gas and other necessities. Oh yeah, and we HAVE to see Star Wars on opening night - midnight showing. Money grows on trees ya know!

Jessica - you bring the beer, I'll make dinner, and we'll meet at Vikki's place to keep the kitties from killing each other and make a party of it! Girls only!
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Heidi, I know how you feel. Money grows on trees over here too!! Must be the soil. Brian will whine about not having money to give me to go food shopping(You don't have 20 bucks??) BUT he goes out and spends alomst 900 dollars on a paintball gun not to mention the 90 dollars a day it costs to play.

That beer sounds REALLY good right now....
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What's a few hundred more animals, right ?? And, even though I need the cash , I won't charge a cover . Free popcorn for all (that's about the only snack I have here right now). Entertainment to be provided by the crazy kitts. But, I'm afraid it's BYOB (or wine, or hard liquor works too ).

Woo woo .

P.S. Yes, girls only...and neutered males, of course :LOL: .
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Well girls, I didn't as bad of a day as you all, but I'm always up for a girls night

Jessica, my S/O is allergic to housework, cooking, all that stuff. That must be it, why else would he not do more around the house? He dearly tries my patience sometimes.

Heidi, also he can't seem to pick up on my (IMO) not so subtle feedback. Sometimes I think we speak 2 different languages. Actually, I'm sure that we do.

I'll bring the jello shots
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I'm in!

While my day really wasn't that bad, I'm in the same boat as Colby ~ an S/O that would rather sit around on his butt than do anything around here. It gets really old really quick, and no amount of asking, begging, complaining, flat out b*tching or temper tantrums will get him off the couch. *sigh*

So... I'll bring the chips and dip!
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Count me in as well!! Jello shots??!! Right on! I'll bring the munchies.
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Hey Heidi and Jessica?

My hubby recently spent a ton of money to buy a HAM radio kit that he enjoyed putting together, but now that is together, does he go up and talk on it? Nope???? Instead he drools over all the accessories he could add to the darn thing and wants to buy them so he can build his set up? I don't have a problem with him spending the money, what I do have a problem with is that he won't even be touching the darn thing in about a week.

So how about pudding pops with those jello shots? I hear Ben & Jerry's makes some good ones that are recently on the market!

And Susie, sorry to give you such distasteful advice. But the fact that Lokie cannot defend herself makes me feel like your home is not a good place for this declawed kitty. I hope you find a good forever home for her.

oh and I finally found a good name for the pregnant kitty upstairs, her name is McKenzie and I picked her up about an hour ago and she tolerated it well. I had to move her, she was down at the end of the stairs and in the way of me getting out. I took a deep breath, said a prayer and gently scooped her up. She was surprised, but she didn't fight. Right now she is in her blanket cave and I will leave her be till tomorrow.
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See, she must have been someone's pet and she remembers that it can be nice to be held!

I'm just having a crappy couple of days in general. Jim finally told our daughter he is marrying Slu- um, andrea. Oo, maybe I'll feel better if I write her name in really small letters and don't use capitals: andrea . Nope, nasty names is still more satisfying. Anyway, our daughter is all, it's fine with her and can she be the flower girl. I'm glad she's taking it so well for her sake, but part of me wishes she was taking it a little less well for my sake.

So I'm all overwhelmed and weepy again. I don't want to talk about it, but I want to talk about it, and I don't want to be single again, and I still love him even tho' he doesn't love me any more, oh, I'm sorry, he says he still loves me, just not the "right way", and I don't want to be alone, and I feel like I must be completely unloveable, and and and . . .

Did someone say jello shots?
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Allison, I just sent you a pm....... hugs (((((((((())))))))
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men...... I tell ya! They are useful only when they want to be, not when you ask! And, it has to be when it is convenient for them.
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Yeah!! What is it with guys and spending money on USELESS stuff all the time?!?! Why is it they never have enough money to buy food etc, but suddenly they can find some when they want a new stereo!! I mean geeees, next month me and Hubby will have been married for two years, and in those two years... guess how many brand new sound systems we've had???? 2 maybe?? NO... 3??... NOPE......4?!?!?! Nah ah.... try SIX!!!!!!! And of course they were all ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.... because obviously they are all useless after 3 months of use right?? EH.....

And today hubby is going to be REAL late home so I was meant to get a taxi home ... but thicky here has forgot her keys.... so I'll be waiting at my In Laws till about 9:00pm for him to come pick me up.... joy... (still, at least there's food at their house!! :laughing: )
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PS, Maybe I should join the party instead of waiting at my in laws!??!?!? Here I come!!!!
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LOL this morning Brian is talking about buying a new computer.... So I said I guess you're going to have to sell your paintball gun huh?

Ok, so I can't complain TOO much about the paintball gun because this time it was different. He always makes spur of the moment decisions and after wards he hates the outcome. Like his car, His computer, his fake ring he paid outragously for but after listening to him kvetch about it all when he was about to buy his paintball gun I told him to research all his options and shop around. So he did and after a month he found the one he wanted. He doesn't complain about it so that's good but he does whine about not having any money to go.......

Anyone like chocolate cake? Triple fudge frosting?? I'll bring that.
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Oh can I come too. My hubby has been very unsympathetic with me lately with my illness - I me I had kidney stones and couldn't get up because of pain. He lectured me on not going to work! Everytime I am sick I get a lecture. I get migraine headaches where I can't even open my eyes & I get told that I should just work thru it.
It is alos ok to spend money on what he wants, but I have a major hassle getting anything for me.

How about I bring my layered nacho cheese dip for snacking on?
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I'm sorry everyone is having it rough right now. I'm coming over to join the party!! I'll bring the pizza.
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Can I jump in on this party too??
I am a bit embarrassed to say I don't have problems w/ my hubby. He is great, although he does have a few faults. He hates to put away his laundry, and is pretty bad about leaving dishes laying everywhere.

So, I'll bring ice cream and homemade fudge brownies! My favorite!
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If it were me, I'd tell your hubby to piss off!:tounge2: This kind of goes along with your story: about 2 years ago, my parents moved into a new house, and my dad had to take the day off to get things into the house. Now, my dad is a grown man & is almost 53. You know what his mother said to him? he wasn't allowed to take it off, and that he shouldn't. My mom said they both got into a big arguement about it. Talk about crazy, huh! Now, had I been there, I would have been cracking up!

About cleaning and such, hubby is the same way. I can be cleaning the house when it starts to get a big dirty, and he will just sit on his butt on the computer. He calls me a baby when I start to hassle him, saying I chose to do it at weird hours or when we're tired. I just tell him I want to get it done before it gets any worse!

I'll bring some pizza!
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WoooHoooo Im there!!! Now let me see.... whats missing from this party menu...?????... Wait I know!!!! MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!! ... hey anyone got an open fire here so we can roast 'em?!?!?!? (the Mallows that is... not the hubby's...)
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You know, I really hate andrea but I also don't know her. I am too angry and even tho' he wants me to meet her, I just don't want to be picked up for assault and battery because we got introduced and I freaked. I know I am this angry, and I don't want to be around her. It wouldn't be good for anybody.

Anyway, the thing is, she makes him happy - even our daughter has told me this - and my daughter likes her. So I really wish she was a, um, jerk but there's a strong possibility she isn't. Doesn't mean I like her.

As far as my daughter, the only thing she knows is that I dont like the woman. She did ask me why once, and I said that sometimes people just don't like each other, and that it was okay for daddy and I to have different friends, we don't have to like each other's friends. I don't see any reason to start using words like "homewrecker" even tho' I feel that way. I don't think this marriage of his is going to last very long (based on past history that includes me but isn't limited to my marriage) but there is always the possibility that this woman will be around for several years and my anger is no reason to put my daughter in the position of feeling guilty for liking her dad's wife.

And even though it's only 10 a.m. where I am, I sure could use another jello shot! Everything has gone wrong from the start today!
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I think we are doing a pretty good job of roasting the hubbys as it is! :tounge2:

Maybe we should turn this into a weekend getaway instead of just a party.

Sunlion - My heart goes out to you girl. You really deserve some happiness coming your way in very short order.

I didn't want to say anything about the whole housework issue in my first post since it would have been way too long, but since we are still venting....this is one issue that drives me nuts!!!

I work full time. I bring home almost all of the money. He works retail, which means he basically isn't working right now. But do you think he can even pick things up? NOOOOO! Can he even find a trash can or bag even if it is less than 2 feet from him? NOOOO! Can he possibly do anything around the house while he sits there all day long? NOOOO! Somehow, I am expected to work full time, plus overtime to pay the bills, which are too high since he can't give up his cell phone or any of the channels on the satellite, AND clean the house, take care of the kitties (feed, water, litter, etc.) and figure out how we can have the extra money for his toys.

He does have his good qualities, too. He does cook dinner for me every night!

Hmmmm...what else can I bring to the party?!?! I can bring POP TARTS!!! LOL OK, well if it's a girl's weekend I'll bring a homemade cheesecake.
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Tig - I do tell him to piss off!

I do have to admit he is really good around the house. We divide the chores evenly and he always does the cooking!
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Listen here Heidi!! You just CANNOT mention PopTarts like that and they say you'll bring cheescake instead!!! You MUST bring them both now..... no no... don't complain... its your own doing.... only fair.... don't toy with my emotions like that... :LOL:

You know what bugs me?? (yes... something else!! haha) That if we gals have a day off work, we're EXPECTED to have cleaned the house and tidied up etc... but somehow... when the blokes have a day off work.. its a "holiday" which somehow works out meaning they shouldn't have to do a darn thing??!?! Not sure how that works.... :LOL:

(bless... of course they all must have good qualities too ... or none of us would've married/moved in with 'em right?!?! I guess they're not all bad..... )
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All the guys on the board are probably running for cover now! LOL This is a good release though. What I don't understand is when we are sick, and can't get out of bed, we HAVE to anyway, because he can't find the toaster, or the eggs, or where are his shirts? All I get is "sorry you have the feel-bad's...." but does he help around the house? NOPE! Oh, but he does manage to pour his own diet soda before going to plop on the couch!

But, he is a good guy really.He puts up with my passion for animals, and even though he says we can't take another animal, everytime I do, he gives me very little grief about it. I just wish he wouldn't be such an impulsive spender when there are other more important ways to put our money.

Oh, and I made my Bananna Split Cake yesterday, so I will bring that to the party

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Don't worry Rhea! I'll bring both! We only deserve the best, right??

You are so right about days off! It isn't fair, I tell you! We should strike! But then again, if we strike, we would only have to clean up a bigger mess when we get sick of it...
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Ya know what? In reading all of the posts on this thread, I've discovered something. ALL men are exactly alike! It is really strange. In looking at your posts, I see MY s/o in them. He is a wonderful person don't get me wrong, but on HIS days off he goes and plays disc golf and goes out with his friends. But when I have the day off, I have to clean the house(unless we are off together, then I can let it slide), pay the bills, do laundry ya know the usual s**t.
But I have to admit that he sometimes cleans the fish tanks(once a week) but come on. I have never seen him do a load of laundry since we got the washer(4 years ago) and he never loads or unloads the dishwasher. He DOES cook though, a task I am not very good at..
There are a couple of things that really bother me about him though. One is he NEVER replaces the toilet paper when it runs out! OHHHHHHH! does that ever tick me off! we have a small bathroom and the tp dispenser is right next to the potty but noooo it is easier to reach BEHIND you to the top of the toilet to get some not to the side of you! and the other thing is I wanted him to at least put his clothes IN the laundry basket in the bedroom. Well that doesn't work either! He puts them right in FRONT of it (ya know like two inches) and can't seem to muster that extra omph it takes to get the clothes into the basket.
As for the sick thing, he had the nerve to tell me one day that he was out of pants when I just got off of work and had the flu and was dying on the couch. So ya know what I told him? either do some laundry or buy some new ones cause I am NOT your mom!
He runs a Liquor store though, do we need anymore booze??? I can get some free! chips and pretzels too!
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I don't have any men problems. Allison. I know its hard to be in a divorce. I am fairly new at it too. My ex had always complained about my working minimum wage jobs, and that I spend my money on groceries, clothes for the kids, and my necesities. Yet, WHO is driving a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse? WHO is shopping for expensive clothes? WHO just bought a satelite dish?

But I do have a complain. The manager's son. Everyday, I come in and there is a mess that nobody cleans. I am the only one who thoroughly cleans the bathroom. The manager's son is not even 21 and when another employeee has to leave to take care of errands, I can't leave the manager's son unattended. Dan is so whiny! He hates his job(I don't know why sticks around.) The other day, a Mexican woman came in to pay for her gas and some snack. The total was 18.79. She only had a $100 bill. Now, when costumers pay with $100 they have to wait ten minutes or so for the safe to drop the change. 7-11 only has $30 in the till. The rest is put back in the safe. The safe has a code that employees use when change is needed. But Dan told her it takes an hour an a half to get the change! I know that is not true! The customer got pissed. She was tired and hungry and had jsut gotten off work. Dan either told her to go get change at a bank nearby or wait an hour an a half. Then Dan sent her to me since I
speak spanish. I gently told her why this happens. To prevent
a robbery. I calmy told her that she dosen't have to wait that long. That it really takes ten minutes or so. The employee just has a nasty attitude. I was able to calm her down and her husband came in and I told him the same thing. I really want tell Dan what I really think of him and because of him, our store could lose customers and sales.

Hey girls, can I come? I can bring Poptarts, slurpees, hotdogs, burritos, and tequila.

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Since the party is at my place , sure, bring the marshmallows and other items for grilling/barbecuing. I have a balcony and live on the top floor so the smoke can just float to the sky (shh...don't tell management...and don't mention my contraband cat either ).

I'm still in a bit of a foul mood so I'm not even going to get into the S/O-Husband debate!


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