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Beastie Band Care?

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I hope this is an okay place to put it. If it needs to be moved to another, feel free!

Marlee wears a Beastie Band. Every once in while I take it off long enought to massage her little neck so her hair doesn't get permanently messed up (and she loves it), and to clean it. As of now all I do is trim any strings hanging off and use a lint brush/sticky thing to get off her shed hair. Is there anythign else I need to do, like wash with soap and water or anything? I do have a 2nd Beastie Band, but want to make sure she'll full grown before using it on her.

This is technically another topic, but....how long til a cat is fully grown? Marlee is somewhere around 8 months. I keep thinking she'll grow a little more cause she seems sorta small. I mean she weight 9 lbs but still looks little. Could she be done growing arleady?
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I use safety collars, but I do the same thing to care for them. Have never washed them.

I think that 18 months - 2 years is when a cat is fully grown, pretty sure I heard that some breeds grow until 4 but don't quote me on that lol. I have 5 10 month old kittens who all weigh around 10 pounds, but their bodies are much smaller than my 2 year olds and he is only a few pounds heavier.
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If Zissou's collar gets dirty when we're on a walk or something, I just put it around my wrist while I take a shower and make sure to rinse it really well. When it's dry I put it back on. Don't put it in the dryer!!
I don't think you need to wash it unless its dirty though. I do if it gets that orange puffball stuff on it (but then, she gets a bath too with that stuff) or mud or once, ketchup (accident!).
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the only thing i do is what you're doing. mine all have Beastie Bands. if Pixel starts getting too fuzzy [happens because Cable washes her so much] or Cable's does, or someone grows [hey, i've had 2 kittens in the past year!], that's when i replace them. i have a replacements for Java, Pixel & Chip right now - but i also have an old one of Mouse's that i could use for Cable in an emergency. i can't re-use Cable's or Java's because they're too small for the older cats.
if they got into something really smelly, i'd just wash it in the sink with mild soap & let air dry before replacing.
BTW - Cable's a year & a half old, & only weighs about 8-9 pounds. some cats are just dainty!
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I don't know anything about Beastie Bands, but I can answer the growth question...

Cats grow until about two years of age. Sometimes they grow a little after two years, but most are full grown by a year and a half.
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