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Tomorrow is the day I've been looking forward to for a while...or so I thought! Tomorrow is DH's separation date, meaning the day he becomes a civilian again. We've only been married almost 3 years, but I've been living the military life for almost 12 now because of my step-father.

I thought I'd be excited. This is the end of deployments! (Of which I have had quite enough thank you!) But it's also the end of a lot of other things. I did not expect that I'd feel this nervous. I mean it feels like a chapter in my life is slamming shut. It will be so weird to drive by the base and not be able to drive on! It's been weird enough trying to understand health insurance talk while signing us up under the coverage offered by my job!

I'm happy/sad/nervous right now I guess. DH is trying to decide between jobs, he has 2 lined up. Finances are changing, he'll be in school soon too. After tomorrow, I become the main breadwinner in the house, unless he takes the second job....

We go first thing in the morning to sign for copies of my medical records and turn in our ID cards for non-active reserve ones. I thought we'd be throwing a party about now...but this whole thing has got my stomach in knots! I just don't know what I will do with myself! I can't wait for everything to be settled and routine again...
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I'd be having mixed feelings too, for sure!

But before you know it, you'll be back into the swing of things with new routines and happy things to look forward to!

Good luck with everything - hugs to you
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Aw, I hope you feel better soon! Things will get normal again soon!
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This is such an incredible transition for you. It's natural to feel such mixed emotions during such a life altering change. Even change for the better can feel stressful. As you move from the challenges of military life, you must also feel that you're leaving a few of the securities to which you've become accustomed all these years. This is going to be so super for your family once this intial shock passes. You're going to love civilian life! Sending you extra secure hugs for your big day!
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That sure is a big change is your life. But I just know that things will work out well for the both of you....just the same I'm sending you many good vibes!!
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With such a big change, it's normal to feel nervous. Good Luck in the next chapter in your life
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I know how you feel.
My dad is in the Consulate since i turned 19 they have rejected me to be still part of the consulate as i dont go to university.
I dont get special privilidges anymore, im not allowed to drive my fathers car unless he is in the car or i have a proper paper stating WHY i am allowed to drive it, I also dont have immunity anymore (not like i did anything bad before)
I luckly dont have to pay tax for anything yet.. but the thought i have to soon is very

I know you will settle soon though
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I know the feeling. My dad was in the army and I just lost all my military privelages. I still go on base because I now work for a government contractor but its still different knowing I can work here abut not shop at the PX or Comissary and all of that any more. You will get used to being civilian again.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
Aw, I hope you feel better soon! Things will get normal again soon!

That's right.....just give yourself some time!
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Good luck to both of you on your new phase of your lives!!
Remember when a door closes another one will be opening....
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Originally Posted by GailC
Good luck to both of you on your new phase of your lives!!
Remember when a door closes another one will be opening....
I hope when the new one opens there is money on the other side! I'm feeling a tad better at the moment. Knowing DH has 2 jobs to choose from makes me feel a bit better.
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