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New pup with separation anxiety

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We recently rescued a shelter dog that has been horribly abused. He has bonded with us so strongly that while being separated from us for about 3 hours in his cage, he pulled a cat blanket into his cage and ate it. He is at the vet's now and will be having surgery to remove the blanket from his belly. We were working upstairs (remodeling) and we didn't want him to get into the paint and the patch-

Here is he is, we call him Quincy. He is a mix- a bearded collie-english sheepdog- terrier mix

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Well hello there MA! I was very much hoping you'd pop back from time to time.

Quincy is gorgeous. Poor baby, I'm so sorry he was so abused and that this has led to his anxiety behaviour. I hope he's ok and that the vet can fix him up.

Will he be a permanent fixture with you?
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Poor sweetheart! He's a darling. I hope his surgery and recovery go well.
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Quincy sure does love you guys so much, MA. Sending your little boy great big get well wishes!
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Poor Quincy! But I am shocked him eating a blanket. Lots of get well wishes for Quincy!
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Hope he recovers OK.

Best wihes to you all

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Poor Quincy. It's just beyond my comprehension how people can be so cruel to animals.
I'm glad he's found a good home with you guys, and I hope he overcomes this anxiety. Maybe when he becomes bonded with your other dogs and becomes part of that pack he'll be less anxious about being seperated from you.
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Poor baby! Please let us know how the surgery goes, M.A.. In the meantime, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Quincy.
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MA what a gorgeous dog he is.

Fingers crossed with his surgery.
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Hello MA - great to "see" you! Aw, poor wee Quincy. I guess the little fellow is in the right place to get the love and attention he really needs right now.

Keep us posted on how he's doing.
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Wow! The whole blanket. I know that our basset hound Scoobie if she is separated from Kisses our lab she will destroy things by eating them. We always explained the behavior as being bored I never looked at it as possibly have separation anxiety!!

I hope Quincy has a quick recovery!!
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get well soon Quincy... oh and I have lots of experience with doggy sep anxity
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He's a real sweetie! I hope his surgery goes ok
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Goodness! He ate a cat blanket?
Poor little guy. I hope that everything goes ok in his surgery and
he recovers well. Poor little baby.
It is so sad that he was abused. It is nice that he has you now.
It will probably take some time for him to adjust.
I have 2 adopted cats that had to be kept in a basement by the
previous owner because they could not find a good
home for them. Someone had developed a strong allergy and could
not be around them. They were not abused but I believe they were really
affected by having to stay in the basement. The kids played down there
and they would attend to them but still was sad for them.
I have had them for about 2 years and they still
hate when I shut the door to the restroom.
They will cry and put their paws under the door. They don't like to be separated by any door from where I am.
That is what they used to do when they were kept in the basement.
I am not sure if they will ever change but it does not bother
me. I feel really bad though when I need to shut the door.
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He is staying another day with the vet. He hasn't had a bowel movement yet so the vet wants him to stay there until he does. They are falling in love with him, calling him The Disney Dog. We miss him though.
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Sending lots of prayers for this sweet boy.
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What a cutie! he really does look like a Disney dog! hope everything comes out ok that was a bad joke, but I had a dog that had bad separation anxiety too- no actual ingestion, but boy could she tear things up! good luck with the baby puppa!
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He'll be back with you and Mike before you know it MA. Just keep the faith. He is lucky to be adopted by you two!
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Just looking for an update. hope he is OK.
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How's Quincy doing now, M.A.?
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He spent three days at the vets and is home now and doing better. To say he is bit subdued now is an understatement.
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So pleased he's back home now and can get back into a routine, bless him
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Glad to hear he's doing better, MA.
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Originally Posted by hissy
He spent three days at the vets and is home now and doing better. To say he is bit subdued now is an understatement.
I'm glad he is home now. I hope he heals well, physically and mentally!
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Gosh MA he's gorgeous!
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