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Jay Leno's Headlines

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These always crack me up!"At least they're honest."
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"I love stupid criminals... This man torches his wife's car because he doesn't want her to know about a dent."
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"Oh, Mary, she's a ho; she's a ho."
"A salmon running DNR? Isn't that a conflict of interest?"
"This guy suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome... Maybe that's because they CUT HIS ARM OFF!"
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LOL :LOL::laughing2::laughing::LOL:

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"Apparently you just get the water."
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That's my favorite part of Leno! I can never catch it though. Does anyone know if he does it on a specific night?

Did anyone watch last night? He had this animal guy on named Doc Antle? It was sooo awesome!
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Ali, he does them on Monday nights.
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I have never heard of this animal guy, what is he known for?
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Aha! Thanks Nena!

I'd never heard of him either, Hissy. You remember Jack Hanna, right? Well, he's gotten kinda crabby and mean, and doesn't do the talk shows very well. Last time I saw him on Letterman, they almost got in a fight! And he brought a chicken, a horse and an owl. It wasn't that exciting.

Last night, this Doc guy brought out first two baby Ligons. Never heard of them before. When a male lion and female tiger reproduce, its a Ligon, and when a male tiger and female lion reproduce its a Tigon. Apparently this is more common than you'd expect. The babies live with him in his house ~ someone had acquired them as pets, but then didn't know what to do with them (they get to be 900 pounds!) They were so gentle though it was amazing.

Then he brought out a mandrill (a primate). It was hilarious - it kept just grabbing food from Jay! And it had the biggest teeth you could imagine.

Then he brought out two baby primates (I forgot which, not a chimp, orangutan, or anything like that). They were jumping into this pool for food and then running around getting everything wet and avoiding getting caught. It was so funny!
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LOL! I love headlines on Leno...it's the best!!!!!!
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Those were funny. I never watch Leno, then again I never watch much tv so I miss the good stuff.
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LOL, I love Leno, those headlines are the best part of his show!
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Here's Doc Antle's site with links to pics.

*Warning* Turn down volume! Really annoying repetitive music!

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