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What R U Doing Kitty?

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..not sure what Frappy is doing around his bowl and his water but he scrathes his paws like he is pulling something towards his bowl or food water..very weird.He is 9 months now..different behavior I dont understand?What is he doing exactly?
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He's burying them for later. In the wild, cats bury their leftovers so others cannot get to it and the cat can later come back and finish the meal off. Some domestic cats still have this little bit of wild in them.
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Mooch does this all the time. She's the only one of my cats who've ever done it. She's done it since we brought her home.
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Ariel does it everytime she eats! She's done it since she was a wee kitten, and we thought she'd grow out of it, but she hasn't. She gets right into it sometimes; she's completely oblivious to anything around her, we'll say her name and she keeps on diggin'!

She's even done it when someone throws up. Such a good girl, trying to cover it up.
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Portia used to do it when she was a tiny baby!

Doesn't do it so much now! I guess she has worked out the food isn't going anywhere!
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Oh yes, my cat Lilly does it *every time* she eats her wet food. She doesn't eat her wet food all at once, & paws around the floor & the wall attempting to "bury" the food when she finishes with her first round of eating. She only does this with her wet food; never her dry food. Guess the wet food is more prized than the dry. Silly kitty- I'm the only human she lives with & she's not getting any competition from me!
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My cats are compulsive bury-ers! Especially the male. In the evening he comes along to inspect our coffee or snacks. If he doesn't like the smell of them he tries to cover them all up (especially coffee tea and hot chocolate). This is when we all have to protect our drinks in case his enthusiastic scratching knocks them over!

An older cat of mine started scratching under her water bowl one day. We found out later that she was in the later states of renal failure and the toxins were backing up into her body making everything taste bad. She was trying to cover up the horrible tasting water!

But besides covering up the yucky stuff, they do also cover up food they want to save for later (as others have said). I always know that my compulsive little scratchers are not insulting their food when they try and scratch under the last bite or two that they couldn't finish.
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The only one of mine who does this is my oldest, Katie. She "buries" everything. I always knew she was a bit of a "wild" woman!
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..how do i keep him from spillin his water and dry food all over my floor..drives me crazy when he does that?
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I've read that some people buy velcro strips & attach the food & water dishes to the floor to prevent them from being spilled.

Lilly's dishes sit down in a little platform, so she can't spill them. I think she likes that they sit up a bit. Here's a link so you can see what it looks like:

That being said, she doesn't like her water from her bowl- only from the sink or from a human cup. I leave a cup full of water sitting in the kitchen sink at all times- at least if she spills it, it just goes down the drain. I know some people don't like their cats on the kitchen counter, but it doesn't bother me (as long as I'm not cooking at the time!).
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Originally Posted by LilDenise27
..how do i keep him from spillin his water and dry food all over my floor..drives me crazy when he does that?
My two drop their kibbles and wet food on the floor quite often but i just clean it up. I have thought of getting those washable matts to put under their food, but then again that would have to be cleaned just the same.
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He's just trying to bury his water...it's completely normal. Though our Sunny girl doesn't try to cover her water, she does scratch the floor to uncover it EVERY time she goes to drink. It's hilarious...and adorable!!

Kitties bury their food, water, and anything that would land in their litterbox to cover their scent tracks. It's a bit of a prey type activity, but kitties are a bit of both, predator and prey. They're build like a predator, and eat like a predator...but they're still small, and still are prey for some animals, so they feel the need to cover their scent. If you think about it, though, it works both ways...they could also cover their scent for other reasons...to keep their prey from smelling them being near.

Anyway, there ya go...the reason behind it.
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