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Animal Cruelty

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For christmas this year my boyfriend got me a kitten, it stays at his house though since i already have 8 other kitties, he said that he got it from a dirty house and they had animals all over the place and they didnt look like they were being taken care of. So we named the kitten Tyson and he ended up having worms and we got that taken care of. Hes not a really healthy cat but he is in good hands now. The other day me and my boyfriend were at my house talking to my mother and one of her employees told her about how he went to one of his friends house and they told him that they just got done shooting 15 cats and other animals. He said they were saying it like they didnt even care. That place happened to be where my boyfriend got Tyson from. I thought how horrible it was that these people are doing this and also thankful that we were able to save Tyson from that horrible place. These people breed cats all the time and dont take care of them and if they cant give the kittens all away they kill them. They cause problems for the rest of the neighborhood too because we have been having a problem with stray cats coming into our home and it most likely from their place. People have called them in a few times and nothing is being done about it. What else can i do about this!?
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Contact your animal control about these people. If they are killing cats like that, it is a crime! They need to be reported.
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I agree with Heidi. Call the police, or whoever handles this in your area. They are murdering animals, and I'm sure Tyson would be upset to know his friends are dead!
Michigan HS: http://www.michiganhumane.org/site/PageServer
There's an SPCA in Muskegon, if thats anywhere near you.
If these people are out of jurisdiction, call the non-emergency (NOT 911) number of your police and if they can't they will tell you who can. Please do something. These people will not stop unless someone stops them, and they shouldn't have any animals of any kind anywhere near them.

They're also byb, which seems to be the least of their problems, and you could report them for that too.
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You can also report the abuse here.
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Any update? Have you contacted anyone?
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Uggh, that is AWFUL!! How in the heck can they get away with this? People are so stuuuuupid at times. Do they not(obvously) believe in spay/neuter? I sure hope they get in some deep s@&* for this!
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I did send an email to animal Justice and they just sent me back an email today and said that they will start working on it. I am definately not going to stop until something is done about this!!
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Little Lake is in Marquette County, right? As soon as I get the address of the home in question I can proceed with the case.
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