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Heck, my border collies is more a Sheltie than that "Sheltie". She only weighs 40 lbs. HA!
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Hi,.I went this last weekend to look at some shelties,.well,.I was looking for a female,.but when the breeder showed me some of her other dogs,.there was this one little boy,.that when I said Hi there to him,he turned his head sideways,..ever so cute,.I might add,.then,.barked back at me,.and I swear he looked like he was smiling at me,.too,It was love at first sight!!!Oh,
I went and looked at her younger females,.they were all so cute,..but he just won my heart!!!I tried so hard to decide,.and stayed there quite awhile too,.looking,.holding talking to and just watching them all,.but he kept "talking" to me,.he
picked me!!!He isn't that much older than the others were,.he is only about 9 wks old,.they were about 6-7 wks old,.He was born on March 5th,is all,.He is light sable and white,.and has the most beautiful little baby face,.his ears stay up most of the time,.especially when he looks at me,.he is really smart,.hasn't even had any accidents in the house,.is just about the most perfect little guy,.I love him so much already,.I look at him,.and just melt!!!I named him Baily,.and he is already starting to know his name,..they are so smart!!!I am so happy!!!!He even lets me hold him on his back,..and just lays in my arms like a baby!!!He is pretty small,.only about 3lbs,.I think,..I don't know how big he will get,.I am guessing,.not very big,.at all.
Thanks for letting me share this,
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Congratulations on the new puppy!

It's so great when you have such a connection with an animal as soon as you meet. That happened to me with our cat Trent.
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My grandmother had a sheltie for years. It was a great dog. When a stray cat had kittens in the laundry room, the dog would watch over the kits while mom was gone. The cat stayed and they became great friends. When the building next door caught fire, the dog refused to leave the area without the mama cat and her litter. She was a good house dog and a good outside dog.
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Hi,.I knew he was little,.but I just weighed him on my bird scale,.he only weighs about 2 lbs,....now if anyone has anything hateful to say to me,.please don't,.ok?I worry myself half to death anyway,.so I don't need any help,.now,.if someone has any helpful suggestions,.please,...don't hesitate to offer these,.I love him so much,.he is just perfect,.and I did pray that God help in this,so that its his decision,.and then I know its the right one,.I have waited so ...long to get a sheltie,.and never would have thought that I'd get a little boy,.I've always had such good luck housetraining girls,.but he just won my heart,.he is so special,.I even looked up under baby names,.what the name Baily means,.and he fits his name to a "T",.He is my baby boy Baily,..We bonded immediately,.I walked over to where the little girls were.,but,..I couldn't leave without taking him home,.But,.since he is probably going to be pretty tiny,.I'd say,.(I'm no expert,.but,.common sense tells me this),.I need to take some precautions,.like making sure he eats regularly,even if it means that I handfeed him,.I think,.If anyone,.at all,.can advise me on this,.I'd greatly appreciate it,.I can't reach the sheltie net,.it says their site is down,.otherwise,I wouldn't be bugging you guys so much,.
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The important thing is "What does the vet say?" I had a collie pup who weighed only 4 ounces at birth. I suppemented mother's milk, and made sure he got extra feedings, but he showed no signs of fading, and he was as lively as the rest. He became a 70 pound adult. If you think you were sold a sickly pup, call the breeder right away. Do you have a health certificate? I got one for each pup I sold. I also gave my people a copy of the eye check, a hand book on raising Collies, and a bag of the chow they were used to so the new owners could mix it, also the pedigree and papers. If you bought from a reputable breeder, they should have at least given you a copy of the vet's report.

I certainly hope he is fine, but please check with your vet immediately. An honest breeder will want to be notified if this is a genetic problem. I believe in the power of prayer also, but I'm sure God would not want you to be cheated if this puppy's ill and you lose him because you did not insist on honesty on the part of the breeder!
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Congrat's on the new puppy. He sounds like a little doll. I had a neighbor who had a sheltie and he loved her cats. He groomed and made over them like they were his babies. I wonder if that's a Sheltie trait since the other writer mentioned another Sheltie doing the same.

Good Luck
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Hi,.the vet and everyone else says he's adorable,.and he is very healthy,.Thank God,..
He is just small,.the runt,I believe,.He is very spoiled already,.I don't mind though,.he is so well worth it,.
I had better get going,and start on my house,.my mother-in-law is coming next month,.She is a doll,.I can't hardly wait to see her again,.I am very blessed to be able to call her my mother-in-law,.this is my 2nd marriage,.and the first time,.I called her the mother-in-law from,.he...if you know what I mean,.
Thanks to all of you guys,.and oh,.before I forget again,.HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to you birthday people,.and you know just who you are,...Have a good one,..
Thanks again,
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Hi,Everyone,...I am having so much fun with Baily,.he plays so hard,.and is very active,.and I am so thrilled with him,.he plays "tug of war" with his doggie rope,.and plays fetch really well,.and is potty training real well also,.we are very happy,.
I went & picked up Keesha(my siamese) this morning at the vets,.(my best friends suggestion,to use her vet,..well,.I did,.but won't ever go back,..they weregood with Keesha,.but I couldn't get ahold of them,.to find out just how the surgery went,.or couldn't go & see her,.after wards,.My regular vet,..allows me all of this,.and is very compassionate about just how important this is to me,.I know that it may sound silly,.but,.well,.when I worked,.I would go on my lunch hr,.to ck on them,.if they were at the vet for anything,.I have to take her back to get her tummy stitches out,.in 10-14 days,.but after that,.I will go back to my regular vet,..they are alot more "caring & warm",.I know the person real well,.that recommended this vet,.and now I know how she feels about her pets,.thjey are just animals,.is the way it came across,.well,.mine are my babies,..nothing less,...my husband called to see how the surgery went,.yesterday at almost 5pm,.(right before they closed,.)they hadn't even done her surgery yet,.and told us,.that we could just come & pick her up in the morning,.(today),.they were very cold,..well,.thanks everyone for listening,.I feel alot better now,.I am going to go & hold and love Keesha for awhile,.
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I just realized that the collie/border collie mix was going to be put to sleep. Now I feel responsible. I wish I hadn't said anything. Not your fault, of course.
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Hi,.Guess what????I just found out that the lady that had the border collie/collie mix puppies did in fact find homes for them,..I was so happy,..She had told me that if someone didn't take them,.she'd have to have them put to sleep,..but thankfully she didn't,..Isn't that great news????I think alot of times people will say things so that you do feel sorry,.and will take one,.this lady's health is really bad,..she just found out that her cancer is back,.is another reason,.I felt bad too,..But I also have to deal with my husband's wishes too,..He is usually very easy with most of all that I ask him,.but sometimes,.he does know that I am getting myself in too deep.
Take Care,
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I would say the activity level of the dog would depend on how much of each breed is displayed in his personality. Border collies are very active dogs and love to herd. However, I've grown up with Rough Collies all my life and they are a very sweet and gentle breed. Ours would rather die than disappoint us and we never had to yell at them because if you look at them sideways they become guilty, even if they didn't do anything. We've had two that were pretty much couch potatoes and the one we have now is very active but still an inside dog. He lives with my parents and everyone is moving out of the house so he doesn't get too much attention (as far as a lot of running) and he is perfectly happy--spoiled rotten, but happy. I hope this helps!
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Hi,.We are all doing just great,..my siamese,(Keesha) is recovering very nicely from her spaying surgery,.and is quite the little love bug,.God,.its amazing the way that she just adopted us,.you would never know she hadn't always been my little girl,.she is so sweet,& oh so lovable,.My little sheltie is the best little guy,.he is pretty much house broken already too,..he has a few accidents when he gets real busy playing with my toy poodle,.but not very much,.he is getting better all the time,.He is very much a mama's baby boy,.(which I love!!!),.I am very happy and feel very blessed to have the wonderful family that we have.Everyone almost always gets along very well,.too,.sometimes one of them pushes another too hard,..like Baily(sheltie),.with the Toy poodle,.but it all works out,.she just jumps up on the couch to get some rest!!!Then he barks at her,.and lets her know he isn't done playing,.but God,.how I love them all,...!!!
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Dear TLEA:

Doesn't your happiness with your animals make you feel sad for all the people who don't own pets? They just don't know what they are missing. We are the lucky ones that's for sure!

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Hi Patsy,
I don't know where I'd be without all of my babies,.even though,.we do have our days,..sometimes,.I would never be happy without all of them,.and i am still trying to get my "birdie flock" staight,.I haven't as yet,.but I am working on it,..My mother-in-law is coming next weekend,.I can't wait!!!!I trully am blessed with her,.she is like my very best friend,.She will go running around with me,.shopping,.and having lunch,..and just having fun,.its going to be so sad when its time for her to go back home,.but I am going to enjoy every single minute with her while she is here,..thats for sure,.she also loves animals,especially,.since she has met me!!!!(Those are her words,.not mine)I have introduced her to birds,.especially,..she had never handled one before,.now,.she will help me with them,.its alot of fun,.
Take Care,.Patsy.,& I hope to talk to you again soon,
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