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Talking Cat Video.

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I watched this and laughed until I cried. The last cat is my favourite.
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Oh Tania that was hysterical!
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I loved the Ma-ma! That was hilarious!
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"Why I eyes ya"
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i liked the one that said 'mama'!
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Did you guys watch the counting dog one afterwards? Unbelievable!
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I always like the one that says Hello!!, I feel bad for the last kitty, he looks scared!
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OMG, that was HILARIOUS!!!!
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absoluletely fantastic!!! ..
really brilliant!!!!
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I've seen this one before - it was posted here not very long ago. The first three were hysterical - but the last one you can clearly see that the cat is terrified. Didn't like the last one at all...
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Those talking kitties were hilarious Tania...
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That was hysterical Tania!!
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Cute! I didn't think the last cat looked scared??? More annoyed by the camera.
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lol i love it!!
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I have to say, I watch this every day. It's a great stress reliever!
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Yea he just doesnt like the camera....the one where the guy asks if the cat loves him looks kinda like he hurts the cat when he does that.
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It's actually an itch reflex some cats have.
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