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Ideas on foster cats containment-where do your live?

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I am just looking for some ideas on where to keep Damita & Chico. Right now, they are in the dog crates. I am going to need the big dog crate for use on my dog ASAP, so as soon as the ringworm treatment(only 7 more days! ) is done, I am going to sanitize it & move it upstairs for the dog. I could put Chico & Damita in the other crate together, but it is only for dogs up to 60 lbs.(pretty small). I put the divided on it's side in the crate so there is a little more room for them to be on the "shelf", but I still have to have them in there. They will be able to come & out play once the treatment is over.

Ophelia is occupying the downstairs bathroom now & I can't put anyone in the upstairs as we will be having company in a week & a half or two weeks(I can't remember when they are coming for sure). Some people just aren't comfortable going to the bathroom with cats watching. Any ideas on containment? I can easily make a cage. I thought about making one out of 2x4s & chicken wire modeled after a ferret cage(tall with shelves). Where do you keep your foster kitties?
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Well just a suggestion but what about using plumbing
tubing (the white plastic sort) with coner connectors?
Make a set of panels into a cube, then cover the "frame"
of the cage with chicken wire and use duct tape to
hold together? Then all you need is floor space I suppose!
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I like the idea of building a larger cage for them. My cage is about 2 by 3 ft on the base, and about 4 feet high. Then there are two shelves for the kitties to sit on, up off the floor.

If you have any really feral kitties, though, they might go through chicken wire. It should be fine for tame kitties, though. And it would give you a place in the future to keep newbies separate from your cats.

I have a separate bedroom for my fosters, and try to only take one at a time. My resident cats pretty much know not to go into that room when I have a foster. And if the foster is inclined to try to escape, I have my akita sit outside the door when I go in, so they tend to hesitate before trying to get past her!
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Damita & Chico are very much so pets, so they won't be much trouble. I do hate our house, though. There aren't any rooms to put cats in. All of the bedrooms are occupied, except one, & no cats can go in ther because my SIL is allergic. The basement & upstairs have what are called "great rooms" where it is two or more rooms together, no doorways or anything.

I am going to have to try to make something.
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Can you just let the fosters have the run of the house with your other kitties, after the ringworm treatment is done? That is what I do...but my fosters are few and far between...since when they are preggers and with babies, they stay in a separate room. The occasional "left-over" queen just joins general population...but they have been spayed and fully vetted, and I know they are healthy.

Otherwise is it possible to put them in someone's bedroom, and keep the other kitties out? It might take a little training to get your cats to stay out, and the fosters to stay in, but that would give the kitties a home atmosphere.
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When they suspected a foster cat i was taking care of had ringworm, the rescue group gave me a pill from their vet to give my other guys to prevent them from getting it, or to take care of it in the beginning stages. Could you ask them about that? I think it is their responsibility to also make sure their animals don't infect yours (the resuce group I work with always makes sure they take care of all the cats).

That way it would be a lot easier for you.
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Where do you keep your foster kitties?

Presently, I have 3 foster babies, one is alone in a small carrier with a heating pad and lots of towels...she is only 2-weeks old. The other 2 are more active (close to 4 wks of age) and are in a large carton that are really 2 cartons that have been cut & taped to make 1 large cage of sorts. In there is a smaller box, a litter pan, towels and toys.

In answer to your question, it really depends on age of fosters. Will post pics of cages if needed.
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I really want all of the kitties(mine & fosters) to live together, but I have troubles with that. Twitch doesn't really like other cats much. She has quite the scream. Twitch & Chico get along OK. The issue is between Damita & Twitch(Ohpie & Damita have worked out a "system"). Damita is blind & Twitch is deaf. They bonk into each other all of the time. It's funny, but sad. Then there is a huge fight & Damita cannot see her attacker.....It just isn't fair. I will try them again to see how it goes(supervised, of course). Maybe Twitch will warm up to the idea of more cats to play with.

BTW- Damita is 5 years old(maybe 10 #) & Chico is one year old(maybe 5#).
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