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Tolly's Adventure

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This tree is in our front garden, he chased a squirrel up, then it took him half an hour to work out how to get down.

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Oh good grief!. Tolly what are you doing all the way up there!!!.

He's like a pea on a drum the size of him
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That's hilarious. I don't know if i would have been able to wait for him to come down...i would have probably been calling some nice cute firefighters for help!!!! LOL

(too bad all the trees in my yard are too small for that kinda climbing!)
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Eeeekkkk Tolly! What a thing to do.

Tippy did that last year, chased a squirrel up into the field maple at the side of our garden. Then spent 45 minutes yowling until hubby climbed the ladder with the grass box to the lawn mower to bring her down
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Seeing Tolly up that tree brought back memories..

When I lived in the UK one of my cats ran up a very tall pine tree she would not come down and we had no ladders high enough reach.

I rang the RSPCA and they said if she was not down in 24 hours to ring again.... 24 hours and she was still there. Rang again and they said that the fire brigade would only come if she had been there over 36 hours... by this time she was very distressed and it had been pouring with rain all night.

So my husband climbed the tree and me and my brother in LAw stood beneath with a huge sheet in case she fell.

The idea was to partially cut the thin branch she was on so it bent down onto lower branches... well that was the idea what really happened was Pete partially cut the branch, Tiggy ran to the very end of the branch which snapped came crashing down on top of us, Tiggy bounced into the sheet and ran .......

Pete climbed down absolutely covered in cat poo...... and Tiggy never climbed trees again...thank goodness, she was no worse for her experience.

Wouldn't have minded a few sexy firemen but had to make do with my big brave hubby instead.. didn't give him a hug though untill he had been in the shower
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