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A Handsome Yellow Fellow

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...and a harbinger of spring. This morning I glanced at the feeders and saw one of our goldfinches. He is not yet in full breeding plumage, like the one below, but was almost there!

I love it when several males gather. Lots of color!

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For a second there I thought you took that picture! I thought, "Wow! Those are some tame birds!"

What a nice sight, though...lucky you!
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I thought you were holding that bird too, I was like holy cow, thats a tame bird!
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i thought you were really holding the bird to give it to the kitties..
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He's a handsome fellow (the one in the picture). I love this time of year. For some reason I love red-winged blackbirds and they are just coming back to the region now for breeding. I see many of them on the way to work at various places and I get warm fuzzy feelings.
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What a beautiful bird!!, I'm so excited about the upcoming arrival of Spring!!
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Wow-hes gorgeous!! I also thought you got the privelage of holding him
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I LOVE golfinches! But then, I love any birds that flutter to and fro, singing their beautiful songs and decorating the sky with their vibrant colors! See? They make me in a poetic mood!
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He's pretty!
We get red and brown finches in our area, they always try to build a nest in our mailbox!
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Just gorgeous!!!
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That is a beautiful bird! I thought you were holding the bird and I was like man she has hairy fingers
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Oooh a great sign of Spring!

I just have to say, 'Spring has sprung, the grass is ris' I wonder where them birdies is!'
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I had to get an image to show folks (who have never seen one) what an Amercian goldfinch looks like. I may not be the most attractive person, but I don't have hairy hands.

And Sarah? Around here, Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, but we're wondering where the warmer temps is!
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