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I don't think he is coming home.

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It's been 9 days since i last saw Bumble and i think i may have to accept that he is not coming home but i don't want to, he is only 2 years old. I just want him to come home safe to me. Please send come home safe vibes as i really need them right now. Thankyou so much.
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I'm sorry to hear

I hope he comes home soon.
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How awful!!! I hope your baby comes back to you safe and sound!! Its horrible to just not know. Have you checked the trees around your place to make sure he's not up there? That happened to one of my cats twice!
At any rate, I absolutely send my best vibes your way. Good luck on the search. {{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}.
Keep us updated.
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Oh sweetie I'm so sorry, but you never know Bumble could still come home! My girls and I are sending vibes your way ! I'm keeping you in my thoughts.
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Dont give up hope!!
Teufel was missing for 14 days!!!
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I hope Bumble makes his way back home asap don't give up! My kitty was gone for about 3 months before
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Jenni have you been in touch with your local RSPCA, Cats Protection and vets surgerys etc..., and have you put posters up?.

I know MA(Hissy) always tells people to go out really late at night when it's quiet, so maybe try that, and shake the treat box if bumble likes treats.

Also have you knocked on all the neighbours?, because you'll be suprised at how many members cats have been accidently locked in a shed
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I don't have any advice, just some come home vibes for you. I hope your kitty returns safely and soon.
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((((((come home)))))) sweet Bumble - we are all worried about you
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Oh I am so sorry to hear this!

I agree that you should put up posters with a picture or 2 that shows Bumble and how he looks really well, with your phone # etc. My Sweetie was missing for 8 days.....Please don't give up!

Sending lots of *hugs* your way.
I really really hope your Bumble comes home soon!
}}}}}}}}come home safe Bumble! {{{{{{{{{
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Please come home, Bumble!
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ALSO - like rosiemac said, please please please do check with all your neighbors & see if you can take a quick look in any backyard sheds they may have. Because that's exactly what happened to my Sweetie when I lost her for 8 days. She was accidently locked in a neighbor's shed. I found her during the nighttime, it was easier to hear and follow her meows. You have to listen very carefully and for awhile.

I really hope she's alright!
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Thankyou all so much for your kind words and vibes. I'm still waiting to see if he comes home and i've put leaflets through my neighbours doors to ask them to check their sheds and i've put posters up aswell, i've rung all the local vets in the area but still no luck yet but i'm still keeping my fingers crossed.
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About a year ago my cat Shadow went outside and he didnt come back home that night. We looked for him for a long time and then we didnt think that he was going to come back home, but three months later it was midnight and me and my mom were in bed and i heard a scratch at the garage door and so i got up to let whoever got stuck out in and i saw a black cat, shadow was black by the way, but it scared me and i closed the door becuase i hadnt seen shadow in so long and i wasnt sure if it was him. Thankfully it was Shadow and we were so happy to see him after three months.

So dont give up. I'll keep you and your kitty in my prayers and i hope he comes home soon!!
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3 and a half weeks now and still no sign of him.
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Originally Posted by Jenni
3 and a half weeks now and still no sign of him.
So sorry to hear about your bumble! Cats are just so silly when they just up and disappear! I bet he comes home before you know it! My moms cat disappered for more than 6 mos and one day he just simply showed back up!! Very odd, I know...but it happened!! Many hugs and vibes being sent your way!!
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I almost acciently locked someones cat into my garage, (lucky cat as I was leaving for two weeks!!) ran in when I wasn't looking, check with your neighbors!! also check the ads because someone may also have found your kitty and put up lost ads.

Sending Vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sending more "come home soon" {{{prayers and vibes}}} for Bumbles! I know that sickening feeling of not knowing what happened! It may be that he followed some kids home & is now an indoor cat at their place. I am praying that you get your answers SOON!! Bumbles, Come Home!!
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This website may help you find him
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Good luck finding Bumble...Sending good vibes your way!!
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Some people do not do this but I do. I microchip skittles and she has her tag and homesafe tag. It is a thought for next time
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I've got his brother microchipped now and castrated so he won't go on walk about so if/when bumble comes home i will do the same with him aswell.
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