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Cat eating clothing and fabric of all types

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A woman who adopted two cats from my rescue group has one cat who e=is eating clothing and swalling bits of it. They put all the clothing away and then the cat starts to eat things like pillow cases, and other things that are very hard to put away. Some of the cloth ends up in the poop. It seems to happen with much more frequency when they are away, like when they're at work. Sometimes it happens at night although the cat sleeps with them.

I suspect separation anxiety that is manifesting in this behavior and have suggested she consult a vet, and consider anti-anxiety meds for a few months, but I don't know what else to suggest at this point.

Ideas would be appreciated.
Anyone who has experience with this please comment.
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It is called Picca and is usually a Siamese thing! There was a thread about it a little while ago you could search for, I can't remember if anyone came up with any help. I had a Siamese who ate wool all his life, other than trying to keep things put away we couldn't find a way to stop him.

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I had a friend who's cat was doing this whenever they would leave it alone. I suggested a crate for when they were gone, to give the kitty a sense of security. They also started a "goodbye" routine, so kitty would know when they were going. After a few days in the crate, the kitty no longer was chewing, and no longer needed to be crated. He got over his separation anxiety, and was fine.

Poor nervous kitty...I'd try the crate or a big dog cage, first. They could even put both kitties in, so no one is lonely. (I don't crate my cats often, but whenever I have used that technique, everyone seems to want in the cage with the kitty who needs to be in.

Be sure to leave the cage or crate open other times, maybe even with treats inside, so everyone knows it isn't a punishment, just a safe place for kitties to stay till Mom or Dad gets home.
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I've heard of this condition. Can't remember what its called. I think it comes from being weaned to early mixed with a seperation anxiety like what you suspect. Someone on here will likely have experience with this.

Edit: beat me to it!
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