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need some ideas - my cat lost her litter....

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hello everyone - I'm in need of some ideas.....
Amber ginger cat had 6 ginger kittens (by Garfield - ginger tom from the pub who got neutered last week) on Thursday morning. She had them in the nesting box I made by our bed that I had been carrying around for a week. Quiet place away from the dogs etc. I was working away for two days, so my partner got up at 7am - looked in the box, and she had had two kittens. She had cleaned them up and eaten the placenta but they were stone cold dead. She then went on to have 4 more, (one of which died within an hour). The three smallest ones were left. She tried to nudge them towards her (in between having them), and kept cleaning them. My partner called the vet straight away and explained, but they said that he wouldn't really want to get into hand feeding them so to try and latch them on to the teats. He tried this, and a girl friend of ours came up from the village to try and help. Amber was very calm, and let them try. The vet said to wait until lafter lunch time and keep trying to latch them on(they were all born by 10am)
No success - so he went and got a milk formula from the vet and some feeding syringes. He fed them every 2 hrs with 2ml. I got home at 10pm, and took over feeding through the night. Amber seemed fine - she took it in her stride and by this time had worked out that we did the feeding and she did the cleaning and cuddling and keeping them warm. I tried lots of times to latch them on to the teats - but sometimes they would latch on, suckle for a few seconds and then fall asleep. They did this when I fed them - swallow a couple of drops and fall asleep - and then I would have to wake them immediately to get them to swallow. Two of them picked up and were quite fiesty. The runt was a bit pathetic. Anyway - cut a long story short, they all eventually died by Saturday morning. It was a soul destroying few days.
Amber spent Saturday looking at me asking where they were - she is very vocal any way, and of course, she looked everywhere for them. She didn't go out Saturday, but I called the vet as she was dripping blood intermittently (couldn't find anything about this on the web either and whether this is normal). He said it was normal and that she would settle. It has settled but I am still going to take her for a check at the vets tomorrow. I will also take her to be neutered in 2 or 3 weeks time.
But really - I wanted to know if any one had any opinions on me getting her a kitten from our local rescue centre. Is it likely she might take to it, or most likely reject it because of the smell? Or just be indifferent? Is it best to get one now or wait a year? Just wondered if any one has experience of this. We would like to have some more kittens or young cats anyway but will get these from the rescue (a full grown cat would'nt be good because of our dog situation and not for Amber either I don't think). Any one got any ideas? - And I apologise if you think I am a terrible cat owner for letting her have kittens in the first place, but it was my decision to let her have one litter before she was spayed. Any help appreciated!!
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You could try calling a shelter and see if they have any young kittens that came in that needed to be tube-fed (orphans), as she might still have milk to give. I'm not sure about an older kitten. In time she will recover from her loss, it does happen sometimes.

Thats so sad though .
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I think it would be lovely if you were to contact your local rescue or shelter and see if they would be willing to place some orphaned kittens with you in the hopes your girl would take them. When it is time, you could offer to keep one (or more!) of those kittens as a permanant adoption. It is probably important to say that you will more than likely be required to spay and or neuter any cat they place in your home and that allowing "just one litter" is no longer an option for you. As an alternative, you could also try asking your vet if he knows of any kittens who need a surrogate mom.

If there are no needy kittens, then you just need to spend a lot of quality time with your girl until she is past all of this. You can distract her with a little bit of non-strenuous playtime or if she is a cuddle-bug, you can lavish her with attention that way. It normally takes a while for the milk to dry up and she will be uncomfortable since she is unable to nurse. You can try several different things to see what is most comfortable for her, but cool compresses may be something she would enjoy. If cool doesn't work, try warm. You may also ask your vet if he has any suggestions, but it would probably be best to go ahead and discuss having her spayed now.
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I think it's a GREAT idea to try and foster some orphaned kittens. I've read several stories of this working! Especially since she seems to have the "motherly" instinct. After all it is "kitten season".
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You have received some really great advice here. I just wanted to add some {{{HUGS}}} as I imagine you and Amber could use them right now. I can only imagine how devasting all of this was for you and Amber. So sad when things go that way. Sorry for your loss.
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I agree and think that possibly fostering young kittens would be a great idea. From personal experience though (my handreared kittens where 3 weeks old when another family cat had kittens) you should make sure to find the youngest kittens you can. Callie would never feed my kittens because they were to old, but she would let them live with her and her kittens. Maybe if you can only find a few week old kittens then it may not solve the milk issue but it can help with her maternal instincts.
Good luck and keep us posted!
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I am so sorry you lost these little babies. It sounds like, you, your husband and mummy Amber did your best.
I think it would be lovely if she helped some orphan kittens out.I hope it works out **hugs**
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I am sorry about about Amber's loss of her babies. Finding orphans for her to raise is a wonderful idea. You are not a terrible cat owner because Amber got pregnant. It happens sometimes no matter how much we try to prevent it. Cats can be sneaky little things when mating season is about. I hope things work out well for you, Amber, and any little orphans that might be saved because of the tragic loss of her litter. Keep us posted on what happens.
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I am so sorry amber. Me and skittles are sending prayer purrrrs to you and the family...
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I just wanted to send you all lots of <hugs> i am SO sorry this happened! i agree that it would be a great idea to see if there is any orphan kittens, you can always try neighboring cities and their shelters! hopething things will work out well!! <many many hugs> any updates btw??
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