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New here also!

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Hi,.first of all,.let me tell you about myself,.and my small zoo,.I have 3 cats,1 persian,.a rescued little girl from a breeder that had gotten in way over her head,and let me rescue her last little one for a fee of course,.but she is a tri-colored persian,.blue/cream,& white,.beautiful little girl,then just last month,I rescued 2 abandoned little girls also,.that were dropped off at a police dept,one is a siamese,.she is so sweet and loving,.and some what talkative,then another one,.a himalayan,that is a real talker,.she was pretty sick,.(I have a funny feeling thats why she was abandoned),.anyway,.after taking her to the vet,.now she is on 2 different meds,and some special food,.and seems to be getting better already!!!I think she is going to be just fine,.
I fell in love with these two,.they were possibly going to be put to sleep,and I couldn't let that happen,.I also have 3 birds,and 3 small dogs,.2 of each of these are also rescues.
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Hello, TLEA, and welcome! I made your post into a thread of its very own, so that people can read about you and get to know you. Hope to see you posting often.
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W E L C O M E!!!!
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Hello TLEA, I'm sure you will find lots of people here who love to talk about cats.

What kinds of birds do you have?

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Hi and welcome! I'm so glad those beautiful cats have found a home. With a Siamese and its furry cousin, the Himalayan, in the house you will never have to worry about conversation, will you?
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