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Trouble Sleeping..

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I know cats are nocturnal, but how do you train them to sleep at night and work with you instead of against you? Can this be done? I have a studio apartment and had the world's worst night sleep lastnight... Any suggestions? Does age play a role in it? Mollie is a little under a year
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I have two cats that are about a year in age and also live in a bachelor. Some nights are better than others! I feed them at night and also try to exercize them a lot before going to bed. Then, I try to ignore them as much as possible while I'm "sleeping". They are learning that I'm boring while I'm sleeping so they might as well leave me alone. Now when I wake up in the night they are often sleeping with me. They still wake me up early and I am trying to fix that but its not going as well!
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I have this problem too! I live in a two bedroom apartment with a roommate, meaning I sleep with my bedroom door closed several nights a week (when my roommate will be up earlire than me the next day). I know I could leave Marlee in the rest of the apartment, but I just can't do that. So I put up with it for now. She is usually good most of the night, sleeping with me, but about 4-5am she has a hyper spell where she will run around and end up knocking stuff off my dresser.
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At your baby's age, unfortunately, there's not much you can do. She's still so much a kitten, she still gets excited enough at times that she doesn't quite know what she's doing. Lol...

The only thing I could think of is to put some white noise in the room close-by where you're sleeping. A fan would be great...or you could download some white noise on your computer and play it at night. It'll help drown out a lot of the noise that's keeping you up. I've found that an air conditioner is also a good white noise generator (and they sometimes even have a setting where you can just turn on the fan). If your kitty jumps on your bed, kick your legs around (not violently, just a little so she gets down), and she'll eventually get the idea that you're not part of her playground.

We live in a one bedroom right now, with our six year old daughter in the room, and us in the livingroom with our two cats and bunny. That fan setting on the air conditioner has been a sleep-saver!! It's good because it doesn't generate the cold air, but makes just enough white noise that you sleep like a baby. Of course, the first night might be a bit hard in getting used to all the noise of the fan, but when you get used to it, it's GREAT!!

Let us know how it goes, ok?
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