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Conflicted Cat

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I've decided that Ivo has multiple personalities. My apartment is in a L-shaped building, along the short part of the L. Our hallway is closed on one end by the firedoor and the other by the door to the fire escape. There are only two other apartments on this wing besides mine-Ivo's "uncle" and one other person. The hallway is a nice enclosed space to let Ivo out in, since she is strictly an indoors cat.

She'll sit by the door and whine and cry to be let out. She actually reaches up to touch the doorknob. You'd think that when I let her out, she'd go running down the hall to her freedom. Far from it. Now, I have to escort her up and down the hall. Otherwise, she'd just sit in my doorway. She also loves being petted when we're out there, and purrs up a storm. It's almost as if I have to prove to her that I'll be with her and pet her, no matter where we are.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?
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Cosmo reaches up to the doorknob for me to open it, I let him go in the garage. Lucy & Cosmo like to sit on a carpet sample and take everything in. I love it when he touches the doorknob b/c he is sooo long and cute.

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