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Wow there is some pretty cool pics in this thread.
So I thought I might aswell add my list of what I have had done.
11 holes in my ears, but only have 2 & 3 now. nose done twice, only got 1 in tho. Eyebrow, tounge twice, labrett (between chin and lip) just taken that out tho. Nipple (then came the kids so thats gone but want it back) and the latest is a rather private part, but it is the one that didnt even hurt, how about that??.
This is the freaky part, when I was 16 I got my Navel pierced, and within a couple of months I fell pregnant. So I took it out. 3 years went by and I thought I'd get it re done, and what do you know???? pregnant AGAIN within a couple of months. My mother should have been more up front with the birds and the bees talk lol.
And I have two tatts, a very common cross with a rose on my breast, and an armband on right arm, which my cousin (who is more like a brother) and I got together on my 18th birthday.
Next on my list is my maiden name on the back of my neck, as a tribute to my wonderful grandparents.
I find that as I get older I tend to pussy out a bit, whereas a few years ago, i wouldnt have to think twice!
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Sorry if the pics are blurry, Im still new to pic.taking


This is 2 of my tats, I also have a 3rd one but now my camera batteries are dead~
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The Dad is really nice. I have the memory tat also. I would never erase it,
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
The Dad is really nice. I have the memory tat also. I would never erase it,
Heck no! Its not going anywhere!! None of them are Heres a better one of the one with the kids's names.

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The first tat I got was a bald eagle carrying a ribbon bearing my adopted sister's name.
I found it fitting since she was my best friend, my cherished older sister, and a Native American.

She passed away in 2004, so my next trip to a tat studio will be to have a memorial ribbon added to it.
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If you scroll up you will see my tattoos.
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