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Do you ever wonder about your kitten's life before you met?

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Lately, I've been wondering what Zissou's life was like for her first two and a half months. She was definitely born wild, and I just wonder about the kind of stuff she saw. She was also real sick when we got her (every parasite imaginable). Another cat I lived with was stray for years... did he sire a few litters? (I'm sure). Where did they hang out? Does Z miss her brothers and sisters?

I just wonder about these things sometimes when I look at her. I'll never know, I guess. Does anybody else think about their cats' wild child days?
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Lucky for me I know about everyday of my precious kitties lives, but how interesting it would be to know everything about before you knew them

My cats Elmo, Bridget, Lonestar and the kitten (9 weeks old) have been with me everyday of their lives and Sophie lived with my Nana until 10 weeks old.
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I wonder about all 3 of them. We got Willow from a BYB and from the way she acts now, I wonder if she got any human contact in her first 6 weeks. With Buffy, she was orphaned at 4 weeks and was a stray with her mom and litter before then, so it's pretty obvious what her life was like. Mostly I wonder about Molly, who I found a few months ago at 4-5 months old. She's so friendly and docile that she has to have been owned by a loving family, but we found her with shorn whiskers and nobody has called us to claim her. Was she happy, or has she been a stray all this time and it's just a coincidence that she's so friendly? And did teens (she was found by 2 juniour high schools) shave off her whiskers? I'll never know.
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I actually only wonder about Gus and Chloe, because well, Chloe was a stray and Gus, I got him from somebody that had an ad up for him and another cat that they had found(they said looked like someone had tried to drown them) and these ppl saved them! I know where Sherman came from(good home) and Gracie as well, and Callie and Lucy are her kittens so I know they are from a good home And Abby and Lily also came from a really good home!!
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I often wonder about Poptart and Gorditos past. Sicne they were found in the middle of no-where.. almsot run over by a lawn mower.. and they were only 4 weeks old. I wonder if they were feral, and wandered from the nest.. or if mum was moving them to a new nest and left them behind.. (poptart was deathly ill) There was also a sister that didn't amke it.. she died a few days after I got her.

Nacho and Orion were house cats though... and then were taken to a petstore when they were 7 weeks old.. but I still wonder aobut them.. what color their mum was, and which was born first and such like that.
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oh yes. I think Samuel had a family that cared for him very much, but who let him outside. They found him wandering around a construction site, so I think he simply got lost and couldnt find his way home. He just loves people.

I wonder about the new kitty.. she had distemper and i wonder if she wasn't surrendered because her previous owners couldnt pay for the treatment she would need. However, she had it when she was very young, so maybe she was born to a feral mother and captured later? I don't know.
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I too wonder about Layla's past. Was she a frisky kitten? What's her brother like? And does she ever think about her old life?
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Sometimes at feeding time, I wonder if Pudge remembers that I've been feeding her twice a day every day for two years now. :P We got har as a semi-feral, palm-sized puff 'o furr at 4 weeks old from a feral mother. Any later, and she would've been uncatchable. She was fairly wild already. Lived under our bed for weeks, and was so food-crazy that she'd claw her way up my face after food (but oddly, only mine). Now she's a big, laid-back mooch who rides on my shoulder (but thankfully not my face...ouch).

Unfortunately, all of her littermates that I know of are dead. A lot of people don't see the point of fixing/vet care at all/indoor life, and as a result, the ones that I know of all became one with the roads near their "homes". It irks me so much when people keep asking "Is she still alive?"
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I wonder about both my boys too.
Pushy came wandering in to a dog training facility from the surrounding fields. He was so little and vulnerable that it just breaks my heart to think of him like that. He was a friendly wee guy although he's skittish with strangers now.
Wiggies was found wandering in a Burger King carpark, taken in by a student, then given to a cat rescue, where we found him. So he must've had quite an adventerous childhood. He's extremely sociable and not at all afraid of people, so he can't have met any nasty people at least.
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i wonder who or why anyone would have given up this feline goddess and how lucky i am to have gotten her.and that poor little steel cage she had to live in and how cruel that was. it makes me almost cry.
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Rosie was 6 weeks old when i got her from the cage she was in with her two brothers at the pet shop, and Sophie was in a lovely big box with her mum and siblings at the home of a friend who's a vet nurse.
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I wonder about both of my kitties. Pepper was nine weeks old when I got her from the pet shop, only Pepper and her sister were left out of the litter. The people at the pet store told us that she was part of a litter that was given to the pet store when they were old enough, and were looked over by the vet and were quite healthly. So I least know that Pepper was taken care before I got her!

My sweet little Pixie is the one I most defintely wonder about. My bf found her outside of his welding shop, she was about 3 months old. We have no idea if she was born a stray or had a family once upon a time. My bf kept an eye out of "Lost Cat" posters in the area but there were none. Pixie was such a little charmer when he got her home. She was a bit skittish when my bf was trying to catch her but after that she was the most pleasant friendliest little cat ever! She loved people, she'd headbutt for attention wasn't scared of humans at all! So either she wasn't abused in anyway be a human or she's just one of those cats that are friendly not matter what. Either way she's in a loving home now and will be very well taken care of for the rest of her life!
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Gandalf thankfully I know all about how he grew up before I got him. My cousin is a softer touch with kitties than I am if that's possible.

Samwise on the other hand, I do wonder about. Same cousin found him on her porch, which means he was probably a dump job. I just can't imagine anyone wanting to dump my sweet boy. So maybe he got out of his house and couldn't find his way back. He wasn't very old though 9 or 10 weeks, I sure wouldn't let a kitten that young out of the house. He also was starving and I believe he was seperated from his mother too early because he used to suck on anything he got ahold of. I had to bottle feed him to get his weight up and of course, he had fleas and worms but other than that was a friendly healthy kitty.
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Spot was adopted from an animal rescue. He was previously owned by an elderly woman who passed away. He also lived with his father, so when I adopted him, they were separated. I feel bad sometimes, wondering if he misses his dad and vice versa.
Poops, so I'm told by my BF, was found in the dead of winter almost frozen in a chicken coup. His girlfriend at the time brought her home. Things didn't work out between them and she left the cat behind. Luckily for both of them, I came around not too long afterward .
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I wonder a lot about my kitties before they came to me. The only one I know anything about is Pearl, and not much about her. She was born on 7-4-00 to a semi-feral barn cat. Her first owner abused her horribly, and my daughter rescued her from that awful *itch.
Pepper was running across the road, limping, when I stopped the car, jumped out, and crawled under my car after her. I asked around the area where I found her, and found out she was probably part of an abandoned litter, left behind when the military family got transferred. The others were taken in by neighbors. She was such a scraggly, little girl nobody wanted her. She had been injured, and could not walk very well. She recovered fine, and now has the cutest wiggly run. She has grown up to be a big beautiful girl, sweet as can be.
Scooter was abandoned along with his littermates in a trailer park that was owned by a hotel I once worked at. The maintenence people were talking about seeing if a kitten could be flushed down a toilet.
Fluffy was tossed out in the parking lot of the tattoo shop my SO works at. She was our fuzzy little Christmas gift from someone. She is such a little love bug, she had to have been someone's spoiled baby. I wish I knew how old she is. She has had several heat cycles, (she will be getting spayed soon) but she is very tiny under her thick fur.
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I know about Freckles because I got him from a co-worker. I still wonder if he misses the other cats in the house or his old living situation.

Bob was a stray who came with several wounds. Last fall when he was diagnosed with asthma, the vet took x-rays and found a BB gun pellet in his back. I cried over that, wondering what else happened to him. All I can do is give him the best life that I can.
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I wonder about Leo all the time...the most conclusive story I have on him is that he was someone's outside cat, they moved and left him there.

Or Raphael, with his big fighting scar...how many kittens is he paying child support for?

Or Gracie who braved Katrina...how was it to go through THAT and be left there by your owner (who we did find, and he didn't want her back)
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The only one I really wonder about is Katie. My other three, former feral kittens, were at least cared for at their sites before being trapped and socialized. Katie, however, was found as a tiny kitten roaming in a woman's yard. She searched everywhere but couldn't find a mama cat or other kittens. I've oftened wondered what happened to Katie's mother and hope that somehow she knows her baby girl is safe and loved.
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I wonder about it all the time with my 4. I am pretty sure I know Trixie's background the 6 weeks before I got her, but the other 3.........I don't know.
I mean, how did Petals end up in a ditch in the middle of nowhere at a little over 4 weeks old, sick as a dog!!?? The thoughts drive me crazy if I think someone delibertaly got rid of her.......Tiggy and Bailey too.......running down a country road, little and sick...I'm just SOOOOO glad Jerry found them and brought them home!
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant
I wonder about Leo all the time...the most conclusive story I have on him is that he was someone's outside cat, they moved and left him there.

Or Raphael, with his big fighting scar...how many kittens is he paying child support for?

Or Gracie who braved Katrina...how was it to go through THAT and be left there by your owner (who we did find, and he didn't want her back)

Oh wow! Thank goodness your kitties all found you! I can't imagine leaving mine behind in a hurricane...let alone not being ecstatic if someone found them. Well she is better off with you (and they are all gorgeous!)

I think I know most of Lucky's background before I found her at 4weeks. She was a kitten of a barn cat (and a very large tuxedo Tom according to the farmer) who i guess wandered away from mom a little too far. I know nothing about Rambo before I found him at the shelter at 8weeks. i can only guess that he was taken away too soon from his mom since he still tries to suckle (especially when he's tired or upset).
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Festie was born here to a found Momma, almost 2 years ago. She has had a pretty cushy life. Just yesterday, dd was holding her cuddled, belly up, and said Festie was pretending she was still a kitten, because that is how dd held her as a tiny baby.

We got Garfield as a surrender from a family with kids...I know the first thing he did when he got her was jump up on the kids beds. So I feel bad for his family of kids, losing their cat and kittens because their Mom gave them up. And he had distemper...as did his Mom. So he sucks on dd's stuffed horse as if he was taken from his Mom too young. He was old enough, but since she was so sick, she probably wasn't able to nurse him like she should have.

Jazz is a former feral...I would like to know her story...but at least I got her young.

The ones I really puzzle over is the foster cats. Festie's Mom was a loveable girl, and was wearing a collar! No one answered the ad in the paper...was she abandoned, or is someone wondering about their lovely preggers kitty who was lost 2 years ago?

Or my current girl, Sarabi. She is such a love, but obviously not a house cat. Did she belong to a homeless person? Or was a family feeding her and petting her, keeping her as an outside pet? How many of her brown tabby babies are wandering the streets of Chicago?

I do have a feeling that I don't have the stomach to know all of what these kitties have faced. I'm real glad they can be housecats now!
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I especially wonder about my boys, Wellington and Napoleon, whom I found abandoned on my steps at 5 months old. They were infested with every parasite possible, internal and external, and were little skeletons, but were really loving and sweet as soon as they stopped being frightened. So where did they come from, who put them there, and how did they know to leave them with me?
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i've known Pixel all ofher life - went to choose the kittens when they were about 5-6 weeks old, brought her & Mouse home when they were 7 weeks old [young, but it was thanksgiving & the people in the home they were born in planned to just leave mama & the kits w/food & water OUTSIDE!].
Cable was only about 8 weeks old, but so tiny - i wonder how she got separated from her mama & littermates...
Java was 3.5 months old when i got her - obviously had been a pet, because she's such a love bug & always has been... but no one ever came looking for her.
& Chip - he had been a stray for so long before the shelter found him his pads were calloused... & he had been a pet because he's declawed in the front & was already neutered. i can't imagine anyone voluntarily giving him up - sweet, non-confrontational, affectionate - always uses the box - so i wonder how that happened.
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I wonder all the time. I found Kabou living under a car in my condominium complex. We guessed her age to be between 8-12 weeks old. I saw this tiny little white fluff ball with huge blue eyes crying her heart out, but she was so scared of people that she would run and hide if anyone came toward her. It took almost two weeks to catch her and she was definitely not socialized. How did she get there, where did she come from? I sure wish I knew, but am so thankful she picked someplace to hide where I could help her.
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Wow! Such stories!
My baby girl was soooo friendly that I always wonder if she had a family when she was real little. A friend found her outside his house and knew we were looking for a cat, so called us and we came got her the next day. She was out in his yard mewling and he just picked her up and brought her inside, so it seems like she was socialized or at least not abused.
But she was only 2 1/2 months, and covered COVERED in fleas, terribles ear mites, roundworms, etc, so if she is someone's lost cat they weren't taking very good care of her.
It was just about to get cold, and I will never forget the first time I held her... I didn't really care about anything else right then.
She's also a perfect pet-- always friendly to everyone, forgiving, has never once missed the box, etc-- so I can't imagine someone just leaving her.
I hope she's glad she found us?
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Originally Posted by Aussie_Dog
She's so friendly and docile that she has to have been owned by a loving family, but we found her with shorn whiskers and nobody has called us to claim her. Was she happy, or has she been a stray all this time and it's just a coincidence that she's so friendly? And did teens (she was found by 2 juniour high schools) shave off her whiskers? I'll never know.
you know, Java had some 'shortened' whiskers when i found her... i thought it was just from some kind of accident. now i wonder...
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When i was little we had 2 cats that we rescued as kittens. One was a gray longhaired tabby named Clancy and he was found as a kitten in a snowbank with his mom. Just the two of them...i always wondered if there were more. His whole life with us he couldn't bear being cold. He would lie on the heat registers, or he would burrow under comforters. The poor guy. My little orange tabby, Barney, was found on the street at a few months old. We don't know what happened but he was absolutely terrified of the broom. The first time my mom brought it out he cowered and peed on himself in fear. After that one of us would always take Barney somewhere else to play and cuddle when mom needed to use a broom.

I always wished I could somehow erase those bad memories from them....
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I forgot about my Angel Lola....she was found at a day or two old with her birth "goo" still sort of there and barely breathing...I wonder of her mom knew she was FeLV+ and left her or if something more grisly happened that left her abandoned there.

But as far as I know, Raphael was the only one who was conclusively "owned", although the people who kept Leo around DID have him neutered, unless he came to them that way. I also don't know if he was indoor/outdoor or just outdoor, since the the resided: ________ is still blank on his info sheet. I DO know from that sheet that he is good with other cats and dogs, so maybe these people had multiple outside cats? And the reason for surrender said "Not time for- moved, picked up by ACS", so who even KNOWS what that means. My guess is that they found the people and they said the ACS could take him. He's definitely not a lap cat or a lover (to anyone but me).
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I can honestly say that I never really thought about it, I guess because i like to think that their old lives really don't matter, they're with me know and I'll never let anything happen to them again.... but I do wonder how they contracted FeLV. I gat Sapphire from a shelter in Michigan, and Simon (an obviously purebred Siamese) was found wondering in the woods
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Well lets see hope no one is offended I will put both cats and dogs..

Nikko was picked out of his litter by my Mom 11 years before I was born so no ??s there

Murffy was a farm cat and after not potty training in two years was returned to that life( I was 3 ish) , last we heard she was so happy with her new family as my grandma placed her

Toby was a gsd whom mom rescued from the pound he was about a year old so she does wonder ... regretabley a housesitter let him out and he tore after Nikko he met a sad end when I was 3.5

Peggy my baby for nearly 17 yrs ...she was part of a litter the owners were going to put down she was like 8 -10 weeks when Grandma saved her and gave her to us

Joey was 8 weeks when he came to us .. gsd ... I knew and played with his mom to this day suspsion dad was a wolf as Mom s backyard backed to forest ... that is his only mystery

Kandie no questions as we knew her mom and littermates ...

Simon I wonder about ... I found what I thought was a stray kitten , but today would say feral he was 5-6 weeks and never tamed except toward me

Gigi was adopted at age 3.5 I wonder who abused who as she cowers to a hand on her head ... wonder if she ate well since she demands I stay with her..

Zoey was a feral who luckily landed with her pregnacy at a local shelter where they socialized her to humans ... I got her at about 8 months ... I do wonder
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