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Prayers/Vibes for my kitty, plz

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Kitten B is currently at the emergency vet. I'm not sure exactly what happened to her, but I thought she died and then she started breathing again, and kyle(my husband) rushed her to the vet. I haven't heard anything yet, so please pray for my precious baby. Thanks.
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Oh no!! how terrifying...please let us know what happens!!, many prayers to your kitten tonight.
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Poor little kitten.
She is in my prayers.
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Kyle got back and Good new everyone!!!!!!!! I have named her...She is now Yuki which is japanese for lucky (or snow) because her left leg is bruised and the reason she passed out was from shock. She's going to be just fine. Thanks for all the vibes. They payed off!!!!!!!!
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SOO glad that she's okay!!
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Glad to hear she is okay!
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Congratulations. I can only imagine how worried you were. I am soooo happy to hear Yuki is okay!! Wonderful name, too.
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How fortunate and happy this ending turned out. I'm sorry to hear that your little one is in pain though. Thankfully she is now in the skilled hands of a vet and will be good as new in no time!
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So glad she is ok. What happened to her?(sorry i have been gone a few days) Hope she is well soon.
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Well the vet said there was trama to her left back leg, so I'm thinking Telaryn(my son must have dropped somthing on her while I wasn't in the room). She is doing soooo much better now, but Yen is unsure of her and I'm not quite sure why.
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I am so glad she is doing well! That must have been so scary!
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Yuki will remain in my thoughts until you get this sorted out.
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That's a huge relief! What a shock to find your kitty passed out like that.
Nice name!
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