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Bald Patches Above the eyes

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both of my brown kittens have bald patches above both of their eyes what does this mean???
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This a subject better suited for the Health & Nutrition Forum. A moderator should be able to move this for you so that more people will be able to read and possibly respond .

Are you sure that the spots are bald patches and not just thinner sections of hair? It is common for some cats to have thinner looking hair by their eyes and on their ears.

Have the kittens been checked out by a vet? If not, that is a first step. The vet can check for any problems and see if the patches are due to something like fleas or an infection.
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My older white cat has them right in front of her ears. There is a tiny bit of dwny fuzz there but no real fur. It scared me when I first noticed! She was really shy when I got her, so I didn't notice right away. But if I touch it, the skins soft there and the vet said its normal.
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Those bald patches could be a number of things. It could be alopecia, it could be just a genetic trait, it could be that is where they are scratching, or some kind of mites, or allergy. It is hard to tell, but a vet could tell you or at least set your mind at ease.
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My black cat has thinner hair over her eyes. Its not "bald" but you can see the skin thru it.

I was told its normal for the hair to be thinner in that area. So its probably nothing serious.
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Are the patches higher up say near the ears more? If so it's completely normal because cats have scent glands on the tops of their heads and in some cats the fur will be thinner. 3 of my cats have this thinning there their wholes lives.
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I have a picture of one of my former cats to show you as an example. This cat had thinner hair near her eye and ear area which was normal and didn't signify any problem. Is this what you mean?
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I have a  beautiful ALL BLACK CAT, named Heidi, and she has thin hair from where her "eye brows " would be to her ears. I had never seen it before, and I didn't know if it was inherent to a certain breed. 

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You have replied to an 11-year old thread!


However your cat is completely normal.

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I concur my cat is black and white and that part is black and I asked the vet and he said "I think that's just more noticeable on black cats"

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thats so weird, my cat is 4 and he is also all black and has the same patch. it never once bothered him, its been the same way since he was a baby. never really thought anything of it :) recently the husband has been worried, but now i can tell him its normal :) thanks guys!

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Thank you so much for the photo!  :)

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Hello from my lovely old female cat emelie.
I got her one year ago from an animal shelter, and she came with the very same near bold patches we all know so well. As surplus added a desire to scratch there with her hindpaws, sometimes till the skin was hurt. Also her chinhair was not so well.
At the vet I had fungus and skinparasites as reasons cleared with:no. Maybe food- or other allergies could be responsible...
Emelie is a not a very active cat. I feed her good quality canned food twice a day and a little dry food daily. The food amount is ca. 80gr canned food, less than 10gr dry food. She's 4.3kg, a little on the fatty side, says the vet, keeping her weight.
Since x-mas I started to add daily a little taurin to the canned food. I see a change now in febuary!! The hair grows back in finally. Maybe it is not normal after all. Now I search for the foodconditions of the comerades in red windows above the eyes.
Especially if your loved cats are indoorcats and older.
Kind and amount of food, amount of taurin per day consumed. Are there sucessful mouse hunting cats with the problem?
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mine has em like that i just notice and this pic made me feel better i was scare for a second

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Yeah it's normal, I think they do some scent marking from that spot. Mine like to be petted there :3

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