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Kickin' Babies

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Is it normal for the kittens to not move as much as the they get bigger and closer to delivery? Ethel is H-U-G-E and the babies are kicking but it just doesn't seem as often. When she is on her back I think you can make out the outline of them.

And I really think I missed how far along she was! She's not a big cat but is as large as my full grown one and I didn't realize how large she could really get. I'm dropping the dog off at the kennel tomorrow for a sleepover while they put in my new floors so I think I might take her too and and get the vet's opinion.

Earlier she was laying on jer back in my arm and she looked like Garfield with the big belly and the feet sticking up in the air!
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I was told on another cat forum that if you can feel the baby's moving around about 2 weeks from birth. However, I think it differs, since I've been able to feel Gemma's babies move around ever since I got her...almost three weeks, still no birth! At first it feels like little bubbles popping, and then, yesterday, I was watching her and all of a sudden her stomach bounced, and I put my hand on her and I felt little kittie's rolling in the hay...it was really adorable!

It kind of sounds like Ethel's due date and Gemma's are pretty close together, hee! I hope all the babies are good'n'healthy
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I had read that you can feel and see them moving about 2 weeks before so I thought she was closer than I guess she was. My husband wants this to be over because he is tired of "the drama". I am just stressed because we are having work done in the house and starting tomorrow we can't go in the kitchen, front door, or laundry room for 24 hours while they are putting new floors in. I just know that they will come in the middle of it all!
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why you may not be able to feel them kicking as much bc they might be repositioning for labor. i noticed sasha's kittens (2) moved a little a few days before delivery. i am no expert of course just my opinion. good luck and congrats!!!!
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Maybe it is just getting more crowded in there? I think I would only worry if they stopped kicking altogether for a length of time. (or if the mother started showing obvious sign sof distress)
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And it is never a bad idea to get the vets opinion, great idea!
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I think we are getting close (although I have said this for a week). She didn't leave my side last night and when she did she slept on the floor right where my feet would land if I can't up instead of under the vanity. I barely slept and when I did I dreamt that she had 3 kittens! So we will see. She climbed in bed with me this morning and every time I moved, she meowed at me to be still!
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