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Guess who made National TV?!

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Ok so it was a background bit part, but I had so much fun!! A work colleague roped me into performing live on national TV in the background of a song for a show called "SHOWTIME" on Friday night as a practical joke. Actually it was revenge for me wringing out a wet cloth on his head. He's the red-head in the frilly gold shirt!

I thought I'd share a pic or two! Enjoy!

Us on the main set (Left to right) Kalle, Moi, Jesper

We are sooooo never going to live this down at work!!
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lol! what did you have to do?
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i bet you had loads of fun!!!
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Whoa that is sooooo cool!!!!!!!
I still don't get what exactly you did for it though ??

And when exactly will it be on?
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OOOOh!! Can I have your autograph?
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oh it's already been on TV - it was live on Friday night on DR (Danish National channel) and to be honest it was just really itty bitty bacground part playing in the backing group of a song contest. It was so much fun though, all the same!
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Cool! That sounds like a really fun experience.
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Weren't you nervous?
No way I'd go on live tv or unlive tv either!!!
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Sounds like it was loads of fun!!
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What fun!!! Joke or not, I'll bet you had a great time!

Congratulations on your debut!
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Standing Ovation.
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Sounds like fun.
My house was on national TV last summer after Katrina made her stop in Miami. CNN was parked on my front lawn and our house was the backdrop to Rob Marciano's reports the entire next day. We had a big party at our house (since we were the only ones with power), so it was a bit odd sitting in our house, and watching our house on TV...
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How did I miss this, Emma?!!

I bet you had so much fun doing it - even if it was a joke!! I bet you have more things up your sleeve for Jesper, too!!
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