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Need Advice for Sick Himalyan Persian Cat -9 yrs. old

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Dear Forum members:
I would appreciate any advice or ideas as to what my be wrong with my cat. She became sick on 3/13 and would not eat or drink, by Wednesday two days later she was taken to the vet and they put her on IV to give her fluids, an antibiotic shot, a steroid shot, a nausa shot. They ran blood work and it was all good. They had not answers as to what is wrong with her except they felt she must have eaten a bug or something that was poison, but her kidney and liver function was fine. They told me to come and get her last Friday as she would still not eat for them.

I am a clinical homeopath and have treated her myself for 9 years and she has been in good health until now. After bringing her home last Friday she began to eat some on Sat. and Sun. [and I put some food in her mouth and she swallowed it ok and began to feel immediately better]. Then would still not eat much on Monday or Tuesday but did eat a small amount by herself. By Wednesday of this week she has been going back down again -not wanting to eat or drink.

I called the vet last Sunday to tell him that since I was hand feeding her I noticed that a row of teeth were gone on her lower jaw and could that be the source of her trouble? He said yes, her teeth could be infected maby peridontal disease and she does not want to eat. But he had no suggestions on what to do for her.
Has anyone had a situation like this with a cat? Each day she seems weaker and now will not eat [except yesterday ate 1/2 tsp. on her own] of a new canned cat food. The refrigerator is full of opened cans of every variety of canned cat food I could find. She will try a new variety and eat only 1/2 tsp and then will never touch that kind again. I have offered her organic rice and meat and scrambled eggy - will have none of it. I still believe it is in her mouth - soreness but do not really know. She seems to be going to the kitty litter box fine without problems.
I sure need some help. Look forward to hearing from anyone that has been through this and what they think it may be and what to do. I don't think she can hold on for many more days.
God Bless,
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have you tried tuna juice over any of the food??

I would suggest she have a dental
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Is the row of teeth missing between her bottom canines? If so, this could just be a sign of old age. The Vet probably did check her teeth while she was there.
A friend of mine is having the same type of trouble with her cat. She took her to a new vet in town and was told that they can be in the early stages of kidney failure that will not show on the tests. She now gives him Subq fluids as needed and uses an appitite stimulant (periactin, the only one that ever seem to work.) If the appitite sitmulant does not work, she force feeds him.
Good luck with your baby!
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When my Fuzz had trouble eating because of his teeth, I found if I put his favorite canned foods into a blender, he would lap it up.

Also, try some of the meat baby foods.

When he was beginning to worsen because of age and illness, and wouldn't eat, I found if I force fed him some of the baby food from a plastic eye dropper (If it's too thick, thin it a drop with some chicken or beef broth), sometimes it would jump-start his appetite.
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Hi Charmed:
Thank you for the advice! I will get some meat baby food tomorrow and try the blender for the food before I throw it all out.

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Hey hun, as a former himalayan breeder, from Alabama, nonetheless, I have to admit to being worried rather badly! You've been offered some great tips on getting your baby to eat, so I'm not going to touch on them, but I do have a few questions for you, if you don't mind ? Have you checked to be sure that his nose isn't stopped up so's that he cannot smell? With their smushed in faces, even the tiniest bit of congestion can cause them to lose some of their sense of smell, which in turn can cause loss of appetite.

Also, your vet says that the teeth "could" be part of the problem? Either get him to re check the teeth and see if they are ok, or find another vet to do so, because with my oldest guys, that's one of the first things that my vet checks to see if something is up with, and they're like humans, teeth can go bad with no apparant reason, but they can't tell us that, lol!

Please, please keep us updated on your baby, ok?
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I'm so sorry. My cat (at 12 yrs old) went thru the same thing. I pushed for a dental procedure. It turned out his lower jaw had be rotted out and needed to be wired. After recooping from the surgery (and $1000 later), he was in great health and regained almost all his weight.

Take care,
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