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Oh no! We have fleas! :(

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Well, Mioko has been getting along with me okay. However either I brought home fleas or my cat or my roommates cat brought in some fleas. I'm covered in bites. I put BioSpot on my cat and she then cut herself scratching the spot w/ Biospot. She pulled out hair all around the cut removing some of the hair most saturated w/ the BioSpot solution. I should still be protected from fleas, correct?
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Also, I sprayed BioSpot Mist all over my room and house. I sprayed my bed after washing my sheets and clothes.
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Well.... I don't know anything about BioSpot except that its OTC, and in general OTC flea products are both dangerous (several brands are known to be possibly fatal to cats) and ineffective. The ones that the vet gives you are far less dangerous and more effective. Is it safe to spray the stuff all over your house and put some on her? Does it say so on the label? You may have just created a toxic situation for you and your cat. I'm not trying to be harsh, but I learned this the hard way when I first got Zissou and took her to the vet and told them what we had used to get rid of her fleas. They were worried that she was dying from the poison, and we had used less than the directions. The crap made my heartbeat irregular. And that was just a shampoo!
The fact that your cat has pulled out a bunch of hair and cut herself pretty much proves that it is really irritating her skin. I would take her to the vet, tell the vet what you have already put on the cat, and see what they can do.

There is also this stuff: although I'm sure you can find a similar product other places. It works better than anything else I've tried. I used it once and they were gone!
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I concur with the mistrust of Biospot.
If it were me I would bathe the cat then see a veterinarian asap just to be sure that there are no lingering effects.

After this situation is resolved completely (and that may take weeks) then I would look into Advantage.
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I've used BioSpot on my dog for years and I believe it is relatively non-toxic to humans as long as you don't get it in your eye (eye irritant).
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well, she isn't loosing any more hair. The scratch has already begun healing...I need to save my money, biospot was all I can afford right now till next friday.
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I wouldn't use BioSpot again, but atm, this was all I could afford and my cat seems to be fine with it after the initial application stress. I probably just freaked her out w/ it a little.
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Things that are fine for dogs are not necessarily fine for cats, and vice versa.
We are trying to convince you of this for the welfare of your cat. Really! I was in the vets' office crying because I was afraid I might have killed my cat when I was just trying to kill the fleas. Really, please wash your cat off with dish soap. Did you look at the link? It only costs fifteen dollars! I understand that you don't want to spend any more money, but you don't want to kill the cat either!
And though she may seem okay now, the oils from the otc flea meds stay on their coat for weeks, slowly poisoning the cat more and more as she washes herself, etc.
And yes, many cats can use these products and be fine. Many others don't. I personally wouldn't take the chance. They don't have the same regulations for pet medicines that they do for humans.
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I don't use the wipes, only the drops. The wipes are more toxic I believe.
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And the only thing I ever used on Zissou was a shampoo that you rinsed out completely.
Still totally dangerous.
I'm not sure what you were responding to, though.
The drops are meant to slowly spread through her entire coat and stay there, so I'm not sure how that would be "less dangerous"
When I first got Zissou, I didn't know any better and used a flea product that could have killed my cat. I wish someone had told me before I got to the vet two days later. I am only trying to prevent someone else making the same mistake. I won't know if I did any permanent damage through my stupidity for years.
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I wouldn't trust a shampoo either. Its too difficult to rinse it out since my cat doesn't like to be in the shower. Thats why I went with BioSpot FOR CATS. Its not the same as the regular BioSpot that you would put on dogs..Ingredients/saftey data for Stripe-OnĀ® Flea Control:

Note: I do not use the"Flea Halt" that comes with the package...this contains the proven carcinogen Pyrethrins and other deadly junk. By using only the flea drops with a safer chemical, I believe I am taking care of the problem relatively safely. Next time, I'll try the all natural stuff.
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Well, then I really hope it doesn't hurt your cat, and that she is one of the lucky ones who suffer no ill effects.
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she looks fine...a little itchy, but so am I.
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yeah, I hope she will be okay too.
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My cat and I are doing fine after the pest control. I went to the dr. today and now I don't think it was fleas all along. It could be some type of mite or possible allergic reaction. Well, at least I know I'm well protected from fleas and hopefully the flea spray I misted around kills the types of mites I have. I'm going to order some diatomaceous earth for next time though...that was really the best idea to prevent fleas. No need to pay $15 for a little bottle of it that was saturated with a few essential oils. I'll pay that price for a few gallons of it and never need to buy it again, and Ihave some EOs to put on it if I'd even need to (probably not) the DE is more affective than the EOs it seems based on other's research.
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Yay for you and the kitty being okay!!!!
Wow...mites? that sounds much itchier. And unpleasant for both of you.
I agree the DE works wonders on fleas. Once I tried that I never saw a flea again, and it smells kind of pleasant. Wear a mask over your mouth and nose when you put it on the carpets, because its the consistency of powdered sugar and gets in your nose. Not harmful, just annoying.
Good luck getting rid of the mites!
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