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I like Ali McClaw too!

And I am convinced that my cats communicate complicated ideas to each other. You know how when one comes in from outside and the others have to come over and sniff and touch whiskers? I think they are telepathically telling each other what happened while they were out . . .
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Well her official name is McKenzie, and I picked her up tonight and she didn't seem to mind much.
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Yeah, I found that in another thread after I posted here.
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Hissy, I love that name. Can you guess how far along she is?
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I'd say we have less than a week till kittens. McKenzie is eating and drinking well, her use of the litterbox? Well, it needs improvement. Right now, she prefers the couch. Thank God it is an old couch and has broke in many a cat. She has found a place to nest in one of the cabinets that line the stairs to the second floor. There is a narrow opening off the back that when she feels threatened, she can easily just escape through. I took pics of her this morning, will post them as soon as I get them developed.

Caspia came this morning for the morning feed, and I was able to touch her nose! But then she backed away so I let her be. I watched from the window and she left the same way she came and ducked under the neighbor's porch.
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