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Hey Gang?

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I could really use your good thoughts and prayers right now. One of my cats, my sweet Shredder has gone missing, it has been 3 days since he was last seen. Today I walked the back roads calling for him and beating bushes, but he has vanished.

Although he was originally a feral, he has turned into such a personable guy that hubby thinks someone has him. My neighbor a few doors down said she is finding dead mice on her car, so maybe he is just mousing in their barn instead of ours.

Anyway, if you could just send a silent "Come Home Now" message my way, I would so appreciate it. And thanks.......
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I hope he is mousing at your neighbors. If so you could say its a vacation.

Shredder will be in my thoughts. It is so scary when they vanish.

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Ohhhh noooo!!
I remember Shredder from the picture you recently posted of him. He is such a cute little cat, I will definitely send a silent message his way.
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Sending thoughts and prayers your way!
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Oh, I do hope Shredder finds his way home. You and he will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Sending 'hurry home shredder' vibes from MD
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He came in about an hour ago and following closely to him was a black and white, very pregnant kitty! I have never seen her before, so I set out some food and when she went for it, I went for her. She is now upstairs in the cat room and she doesn't seem to wild, just semi- maybe. Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers, although I only wanted one kitty back not two!
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COngratulations Hissy! a momma cat!? I bet you can't wait to see what little presents she will give to you!
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Wow, that worked well! lol Maybe too well! I'm glad he's finally home, and how interesting that he brought a friend!

You don't suppose he was hunting all those mice for her? A provider already?
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Hissy, Im so glad your baby came back!! And must've known to bring his friend back to a good home Hope all goes well with Mummy and babies when they arrive!! Let us know...
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Yay, Hissy! Sounds like Shredder found himself a girlfriend! Are you going to keep her?
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So glad to hear Shredder has come home - I know how worried you were Wow...another new mommy for you to care for- they just keep seeking you out! Kitten season is definitely upon us! I might as well get ready to bring another home right now...:LOL:

If you lived closer you know I'd take one of the kittens

So whats Mommies name? Btw, Hows Caspia doing? Is she still coming for the food you put out for her?
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LOL So that's what he was doing.... Bringing home a pal. He must have told her he knew someone who would take care of her.
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I bet he's the one who has been posting all those signs for kitties to come your way. Looks like he did some personal recruiting this time.
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We are both just so relieved he came home. Mike told him he is grounded for a week! As to the newcomer, I need a name for her and am leaning towards Piewackett for some reason......but not sure. She is not completely feral, but she is definitely not someone else's cats, although pregnant she is in piss-poor shape, skin and bones and loves to eat.
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See, then he knew where to take her and that you would take care of her and the wee ones once they arrive.
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I can just imagine she lives next to the food bowl and for the last day or so you have only seen her back because either her face is in the dish or she's curled up sleeping!

It can only be good for the kittens, too! You know, even with us humans, if nutrition is bad or even just lacking in something, the nutrients will be taken from the mother's body to provide for the baby. So I'm sure she is underweight, even if she was doing pretty well in the past, because those babies need the calories!

I like Pyewackett, esp. if she's white with patches of color, but even if she's not. But then I like Grimalkin, too, for a grey cat, and Pangur Ban for a white one. I guess it reflects my heritage (Irish and other Celtic)
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Mike just said I can't name her because if I do, that means I will keep her! LOL Gee, how did he know? Now I am leaning towards Panda, she is black with a white spot on her face, half of a white chest and two white front paws.

P.S. She is in his radio room, it is a plot, I am hoping she worms her way into his heart when he is up there Hamming. So far, the noise of the radio does not scare her.
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Shredder sure knew where to take his new friend. The more I hear about cats, the more I think they talk to each other. I can just hear him convincing her to come home with him..."But this lady is really nice, and she gives great scritches. And the man there is really fun to snuggle with and play with. There's always food and comfy places to sleep, and she will help you with your babies. It really is great there, and she won't turn you away! I promise!!"

I have a feeling she will wiggle her way into Mike's heart. They have a way of doing that. Besides, you have to take care of her until her babies are weaned...

Another name suggestion - how about Pandora, kind of a takeoff of Panda.
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right now I am leaning towards Spook. She has found her way into the library and is hiding behind a boxful of Stephen King hardbacks! lol

The other names I am considering are Eclipse because she suddenly appeared and Ali McClaw.........
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I'm glad that shredder is back & that he brought home a friend. Try to post some pics of the kittens! About how many cats do you have now, hissy?

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I'm glad your kitty came home. Thats amazing that he brought back a friend in need. Cats always know when someone is there to help them. Let us know when the babies arive! I think spook is a good name for the new mom. (hint hint...Spooky.)
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safron, right now I have hmmmm doing a count....dunkin, trip, shredder, kabota, stryker, cleo, kabota, karma, barty, bailey, 3 ferals in the hay barn, caspia the one feral mom, and spook upstairs. casp had 5 kittens and in about a week spook should have hers.
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wow hissy, it sounds like you have your hands full! The more the merrier. I'm glad that spook is settling in, has your hubby come around yet? Matt is the same way, "no more animals" but he is a pushover just like me.

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Whew! What a thread!

I've been gone a few days, and read the first post and was so scared (I just love that Mr Shredder...still trying to get his shipped to me!) that I skipped to the end first to make sure he was back. Then I read the whole thing so it made sense!!

What a sweetheart! I can't believe he went and got her. He took her to love and safety. Hope Panda is okay!
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Originally posted by Hissy

She is not completely feral, but she is definitely not someone else's cats, although pregnant she is in piss-poor shape
First of all, I don't know anything about pregnant female cats because I've never owned one. But I was just wondering, is it possible Spook was only recently abandoned when a previous owner suspected she was pregnant????

Sorry if this is a dumb question.
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Not a dumb question, but she has probably not been handled for quite awhile- at least 4 months or so, because of the degree of wildness in her. She has stopped scampering from room to room when I do go up there, but she still hides behind whatever she can find. She is not a spitting hissing feral like some I have had to deal with, but she is definitely giving off the vibes that if you touch me you might be sorry. lol

To many times, people will throw their pregnant cats outdoors or take them out to the woods and just dump them. We have woods behind our home and that is probably where she came from. She has been living on her wits for so long now.

Already today I have had to turn down another pregnant siamese mix and a little tabby cat that is probably 3 years old. I just can't save them all though God, I wish I could!
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Hissy....just read this! So glad Shredder came home, and with a girlfriend to boot!
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Thanks Debby! I just touched her nose.....she wasn't thrilled but I still have all my fingers!
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Awwww Great job!

There MUST be a way to get a kitten or two of hers from Oregon to Nova Scotia
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