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Open Basement/Cellar Door!!!

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DH left the basement door open yesterday and we came home and saw it open. Of course Pru went down. We spotted her under a workbench and left her alone for the night. She is still down there this morning and I can't find her. The basement/cellar has so many nooks and crannies for a 6 lb cat to hide in, it is the worse possible place for her to be in, other than being outside. Aargh!

The other two cats love to go down to that mysterious place also, but shaking a can of treats makes them come running. Pru doesn't respond to that at all. I hope she doesn't get in a habit of coming out for food/drink when we are gone and running back down there when we come home.

She has been real good lately, being out in the open and letting herself be seen, coming up on our bed to check us out when we are sleeping (but not staying). I don't want this to slow down her progress. She loves being petted, but she has no problem being alone. I'm racking my brain trying to come up with something to lure her upstairs so I can close that door.
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Oh no! I feel for you. I believe my feral Zazou is hiding in my
basement ceiling/crawlspace - only coming out at night. Sigh.
Getting them out can be a REAL challenge.

In Pru's case
perhaps you could use some KFC chicken placed stragetically on the stairs - to lure her up towards the door? Gradually move it up the stairs - till she
is at the top?? That might do it?

Its just a thought, but food is often the ONLY bribe that we
have that works on thses little darlings!
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The only "easy" thing I was ever able to get my very timid cats out of the basement with was toys. It took a long time but eventually I got one of them that way. But if they figure out you are ready to grab the door behind them it never works (sigh).

Based on my worst "cat in the basement" experience, if I had to do it over again I would withhold food and use a trap. It would have been agonizing for me, but it would have taken a lot less time and been better for that particular kitty. I don't know about your cats, but this one guy actually became less social and bonded to the basement like glue
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Any luck with Pru? Maybe a can of tuna?
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Thanks for all the suggestion I was thinking of a trap as the worse case scenario. I haven't found any food that overrides Pru's fears.
We found Pru last night. DH was feeling so bad, he went down with a flashlight and searched every place. He finally found her in the rafters. He put gloves on and could just reach her. He grabbed her and pulled her out. She didn't fight, but she didn't come out on her own either. I think she was stuck up there and couldn't/wouldn't come down. The other two have had to be rescued from the rafters before, but at least they cry to let you know.
Poor Pru. She doesn't play with toys, treats don't work and having a stray/feral go missing is the worse. She has learned not to give away where she is.
DH has a theory the other two got the door open and said "Hey Pru, come on down, we have something neat to show you" and then left her there.
I've brought Pru up to bed and she loves being between us being petted/loved. The other two will start playing with jingly balls/noisy things down stairs. Pru perks her ears up and runs down to join in. She starts playing with the ball and the other two come up to bed then. I don't want to believe they actually plan that, but I wonder sometimes.
Thanks for the concern everyone. I was so upset over this yesterday, it's such a relief when you find them.
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I can't even imagine what that must have been like for you, but so happy that it all worked out well!
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