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Would giving your cat Pounce make her extra frisky?

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We lost our other cat in December. Before that, Neko would not touch kitty treats, can food, nothing that wasn't dry Purina. I was giving them to Indy to try and tempt her appetite when she wouldn't eat. Eventually we found she had a tumour and had to put her down. Now since then Neko has become addicted to Pounce kitty treats. She demands them all day long. I only give them to her once or twice a day and I count them out according to the chart on the back. She has also become totally demanding attention-wise, if you are on the couch she will sit beside you and scream for attention. She never did this before, she was always the cat in the corner sleeping under the desk, bothering no one. Now she sleeps with me, which can cause problems as she does not seem to be aware that walking across my face is not appropriate. She follows us around day and night, bathroom, kitchen, wherever, there she is underfoot and begging. She will go off occasionally and sleep on my bed alone for an hour or two but she is right back at it again. She does not appear unhealthy physically, she is eating, drinking, pooping, etc, her coat is shiny, her eyes are clear. My roommate thinks it is the kitty treats making her so demanding. Could this be the case? Neko is 11 now, she has never been an "only cat" before. Could she have always wanted to behave like this but was "smothered" by Indy the alpha-female? Last night I locked her in my bedroom for an hour because she would not stop bothering me and scratching the carpet-I may have to get a new floor rug as she has ours almost destroyed.
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As I write this, she is sitting in the dining room giving me the evil eye because I would not pet her when she was rolling around my feet at the computer desk. She does that a lot too, I am afraid one day I will step on her or roll over her when I don't notice her there flopped down.
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She needs a buddy!!!!
I doubt that she was being smothered by the other kitty (RIP) but more likely they were playmates and she got this energy out with her friend. Get another cat for her to be friends with. I don't even think she's demanding treats. I think she's demanding any attention of any kind, because she's used to having her friend and now the only animal around to be friends with her is you.
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I agree, she needs a friend. The food may be sort of a substitute, but she is also looking for attention from you.
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I agree, I bet she is lonely! I think a new friend would help. I know cats grieve, so they must get lonely too!
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It is hard though, we don't want to get another cat right now as I am hoping to move again this year, if I get my way 5000KM away. I traveled with cats before but it was a challenge. My roommate also does not want to replace "his" cat and will likely not support me in getting another one.

And she definitely is begging for treats, she pulls that "cant.... walk...another...step....starving....must rest" flop-down routine in front of her full food dish, staring at the empty cereal bowl I put the pounce in. it wakes her from a sound sleep in the other room, hearing me move the bag of treats.
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Well you need to stop giving her so many treats (1 or 2 a day is more than enough) at least, as it seems to be affecting her diet. Does she like her food? Giving in every time she begs is reinforcing her begging, and making it worse. Give her all kinds of attention and playtime and love, and she should start feeling more secure.
I'm sorry that you can't get anothern.
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I didn't know they still made Pouce I used to get that for my first cat - he was 13 yr old - died in early 80's. He was the only one I ever gave treats too.

The rest always got "people treats" like taste of cheese or scraps of meat. Mitten was never "frisky" after eating the treats - he just liked them
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It sounds like she needs a companion! My cat became the same way when his housemate passed away. He would cry all the time and climb all over you constantly. This went on for 2 months until I got a new kitten.... not a peep out of him ever again starting from the first day the kitten was in the house! That was months ago...... even though he screams when the kitten jumps on him......but he must be more content now because he doesn't demand nearly as much attention. He's back to just sleeping quietly by himself. It really does affect them when the other cat is gone, even if they didn't seem to like them very much! I would consider a new pet to keep her occupied.
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