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I love Maine Coons!

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and Bengals, and Abyssinians, and Egyptian Maus and Rexes and Scottish Flods and Burmese and and and....
We decided to go to the All About Pets Show in Toronto yesterday. It was fun! We both liked seeing all the cats best, as you don't usually get a chance to see all these different breeds together like that. I was blown away by how calm all the cats were. They mostly just slept or stood there soaking up the attention admist all the hustle of the crowds. My fave were the Coons, particularly this big studly stud who looked like a lion. He was so regal, he had a big fluffy mane and stunning whisker spots, and a beautiful dark tabby coat.
I talked to a Sphynx breeder too, which was very interesting. I'd never seen a real live one before - very cute. Apparently they're like little hot water bottles 'cos they radiate body heat. She didn't let me touch one though.
The birds were fantastic too. It's hard to believe all these incredible colours are natural!
And there were lots of doggies of course. We saw a stunning silver brindled Akita who was a crowd favourite. And I'd never seen minuture Australian sheperds before. My husband and I both loved all the small dogs especially. I can see one in our future....
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That would have been alot of fun to go to!
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They are pretty!! I don't think Annabelle is but she kinda looks like one

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I have alway's Loved Maine Coons alot because they are big, and they have such good personality's, I have gone to several cat shows and I Love seeing all the kitties.
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We are a part of the MC rescue .. they're amazing :-D
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I had a foster who resembled one. I called him "kitten-saurus". At 6 months he was a huge, shaggy silver-grey and cream chirper with a tiny voice who came up past my knee in a half-stretch.

And he was only six months old! I would say that if he got any bigger, I could buy him a saddle and never have to learn how to drive! He was at least double the size of his littermates, although he was the youngest. He went to an awesome forever home last December.
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A kittensaurus! I think if/when I do get a Maine Coon, it'll be from a rescue too. I loved their personalities too. They seemed so composed and regal looking.
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