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Back in janurary I noticed small white segments an on simbas tail, looked like segments of a tapeworm, all my cats had already been wormed, I switched to milbemax ive not seen them since, Missys due to bve wormed again beginning of april.

Today whilst cuddling her, I noticed the small white no bigger than a centermetier, white little thing like lifting its head, was horriid....

Is it worms??? she been wormed middle of january with milbemax, and is an indoor cat. i'm baffled. all there stools are normal,

where did this come from again?

my mum said it looked like flea lava, but they don't live on a cat do they? looked more like a worm to me!

when Ollies been to vets with his thyrod when they did blood they said looked like he had a slight worm problem, I don't understand all the cats are wormed every 3 months, an the kittens were done every month till they were 6 months....

Should I take Missy in to be checked what kind of worm it is?

i'm worried they've all got it ,there not due to be wormed yet.

there also flead monthly with advantage.
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Or maybe because ollies got some kind of worm, missy has caught it?

i've checked simba and star and i cant see anything on them....

i'm really worried now.... it could well be flea larve, but because it was on her tial im not sure.

I actually remember, last time I fleaed ollie and missy I had to use drontal cat on them? maybe thats why? is it not as good?
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Tapeworms are spread by a cat ingesting a flea while self-grooming. It only takes one flea to do it.

If it were me I would at least take a stool sample in to be tested, then follow my vets recommendations.

Fleas larvae would not be on a cat, nor would they be easily visible. Flea eggs fall off the host animal and hatch in crevices in your home.
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Even if they have been wormed only a month ago one flea could make it start again before the next worming date?

I flea my cats once every 3 months, is that enough?

i'm really worried. i'm going to get straight onto my vet.

I did before and they said simba had tapeworms, and just recommened taking milbemax. it looked like the same thing to me, I just thought womring tablets kept them protected.

Missy was wormed approx 2 months ago looking at calendar, could she be wormed agsin to treat this?

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A lot of times, regular worming will NOT get rid of Tapeworms! They are VERY stubborn worms and often resistant to worming! I would DEFINITELY get a stool sample into the Vets, as soon as you can!
Hope you get it taken care of, and kitty gets all better!!!
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Don't know if this applies to cats, too , but since it's the same worm-my dog came from the shelter with tapeworms, and my vet pilled her at the office, and sent home a second dose to give in three weeks (I assume this has to do with the life cycle of the tapeworm). I would also ask your vet about worming them all for tapeworms at the same time, just to make sure it's been eliminated, and they aren't passing them back and forth
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I have always used DRONCET for tapeworms. It kills the worms and leaves the cat/dogs system in 24 hours. No, it does not protect against further infestations, you have to get rid of the fleas. The only way to get them is to eat an infested flea, soon as they do that, more worms! :-(
Tapeworms do not always shed segments (progloteds). They can have them for a long time and you never know it. OH, they mostly look like grains of rice.
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This definitely sounds to be tapeworms, and if one of your cats has them, you can count on each of your others having them as well. Please take Simba in to her Vet for a fecal exam or take in a stool sample for testing. Your cats really need to be treated to prevent the potential negative effects on their health from these worms. As you've already been advised, it can take more than one round of treatment to eliminate some infestations.

Good for you for being so observant and taking such great care of your kitties!
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A reminder for all of us...
It is critical that we do not attempt to treat tapeworm with home remedies.

They can be ineffective and possibly lead to tragic consequences.

I'm sure that your vet will get to the bottom of the problem quickly.
Let us know what you find out.
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THANK YOU! Yes, tapeworms are extreamly hard to get rid of and some things that will kill them will also harm the cat/dog!!!
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Originally Posted by Lucinda View Post
Tapeworms do not always shed segments (progloteds). They can have them for a long time and you never know it. OH, they mostly look like grains of rice.
I also recently noticed that cats don't shed consistently and was quite surprised. It was over the holiday weekend that I couldn't get to the vet. Rice segments as expected on the anal area for two days - and then nothing for 1 1/2 until I could get her to the vet. Always before with that kind of time period it would do nothing but get progressively worse. :?
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